Android Screen Test Display Tester v4.41 Special Pro

Display Tester is an app on Android that tests screen status。DisplayTester can test the LCD of the device / Almost every aspect of the OLED screen。Use screen projection to test your TV screen for bad points and more。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

DisplayTester can test the LCD of the device / Almost every aspect of the OLED screen。Use Google Cast to test the quality of your TV's display。It is designed to allow full-screen testing also to use soft key devices (hidden in ICS soft keys,Later,In Chipotly,later immersive mode)。


– Free - Features –
Bad point test:Detect "bad spots" with a series of pages with solid background colors
Color test:Contrast,Gradient (strip) and saturation test
Gamma correction test (grey/red/green/blue)
Perspective test (this is a useless OLED display)
Wide color field color test
Multi-touch test
Display performance test
Repair burns – Scroll black and white bars
Show measureinformation:Screen size,GPU type,Dpi,Density Independent Pixel Size,OpenGL 1.X Information,Pixel format
The pictures in the real world are for reference and comparison only
4-color gradient test and orientation change correction (Android 2.2 or more)
Pixel format and jitter test
Built-in font style test
Manual DPI measurement
Color chart
Touch screen dead-angle tester
System font tester
DIP / PX Calculator

– The function of the Pro –
Google Cast Support
Repair burns – Noise (white,B.W.,Red,Green,blue)

– in ICS /cellular soft key hiding/Jerry Bain –
Show running using preference menu options book or simply long touch test。

– Gestures –
Sliding left and right:Changing the test image
Slideup up and down:Brightness changes
Long touch:Switch between full and normal screens (Android 3.0 and higher)
Double-click:Hide or display a specific settings dialog box for the test, if available

When soft keys are hidden it is not easy to advance to the next screen:One is the tap water to make the button appear.,Then swipe quickly before the button in the next screen is hidden again。


Update the log:

* Android 11 (Android R。) release
* Bug fixes and optimizations。


Version description:

PRO Pro feature sits unlocked


Download the address:


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