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Aptoide is an Android Marketapp on an Android platform that can download Google Market apps。Aptoide is a large independent Android App Store,Aptoide allows individuals to create and manage their own Android store。Upload、Test and approve your app。And the main thing is to download apps on google paly without scientific internet access.。Love Green Soft

Note:Some areas are no longer available.,Can't open its home page。

Description of the app:

Aptoide is an Android app store independent of open source,Allows you to,Exciting and safe way to install and discover apps。

Aptoide is community-driven.,Delivering apps through a social experience。It provides any user with the opportunity to create and manage their own store,Upload your own app,Focus on community recommendations and opportunities to discover new content。

Can't find a specific app in the mainstream Android App Store? Aptoide may have it! Do not worry:All apps check for viruses,We'll perform additional security tests.,Ensure your Android device is always secure。

Aptoide is reinventing application distribution and discovery in a social and collaborative way。Join our revolution!

Using Aptoide,You can:
– Download your favorite Android apps privately without registering;
– Find apps that aren't available in other Android markets;
– Downgrade your app to a previous version;
– Create a store and select its name,Logos and color themes;
– View recommended apps and stores with Aptoide's unique app schedule;
– Follow other stores,Know who's watching you. – Do not worry,You can keep it a secret, too;
– Rate and comment on apps and stores,and reply to comments from other users;
– Share apps locally with friends without internet connection。


Update the log:

Not yet


Version description:(balatan)

1、Remove ads
2、No forced automatic shortcuts
3、Disabled/removed unwanted permissions , receivers and services

4、All ads and services removed from the campaign

5、Analysis deactivated。


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