Power Director CyberLink PowerDirector Ultimate v17.0.3005 Chinese Special Edition

CyberLink PowerDirector Ultimate is a video editing software on the windows platform。Now the power of love for everyone director CyberLink PowerDirector Chinese Special Edition has been updated tov17.0.3005

Power Director tailored video editing software for you。Power Director is a full-scale video editing solution,Have the features you need to get started and professionals、Fast performance and format support,Contains 360-degree panoramic footage、Ultra HD 4K and the new online audio and video platform format,Get creative for every player,Enjoy creative fun。

Description of the app:

Powerful、Easy to use,Let your ideas get to the outofing
Power Director is a full-scale video editing solution,Have the features you need to get started and professionals、Fast performance and format support,Contains 360-degree panoramic footage、Ultra HD 4K and the new online audio and video platform format,Get creative for every player,Enjoy creative fun。

Simple intuition,Video clips don't ask for people
Simple drag-and-drop,One set is wonderful.
Each Quick Project Template combines a sucking text title、Animated objects、Theme background and smooth transition effects,Let you just have to move the mouse,Drag and drop videos or photos in sequence,Easily create MV texture creation。
Sports Photography Workshop
Assembly motion video clipping essentials in one place,Easy color correction,Repairing fish-eye deformation,Stable Video,Use Zoom、Translation、Turn around.、Slow motion、Recasting、Playback and other different special effects embellishments,String all the moments。

Simpler steps, more colorful colors.
Intuitively easy-to-use color-to-color function,Give the picture more emotional atmosphere
One-click to enhance color
Through trueTheater Color Enhancement,Intelligent Analysis Clips,Optimise image brightness and saturation,The picture is closer to the original color,Keep the real video color feel!
Smart Unified Clip Tone
The footage taken by different machines has some degree of exposure and white balance difference。Through the Color Matching Tool,Intelligent analysis of multi-segment audio and video material,and adjust to make its hues feel the same。
LUT Movie Color
Color Findtable(Lut)It's a post-video system today.,Common color management methods,Just put the classic movie tones on the set,No more manual adjustment to the eye,Fast time savings。

Personalized design tools
"Special Effects Workshop" directed by Power,You can depend on the different needs,Customized effects and animationeffects,Custom start time、Color、Path,Make the visual hierarchy richer and more varied。

Professional design tools
Additional special effects text designer
Easy control of start-up time、Color、Animation、Position、Size and transparency。
Strengthen editing child-mother screen object designer
Cover a video or picture on a video,Add dynamic changes to your creations。
Strengthen creative theme designers
Drag-and-drop footage cover-in-house templates,Quickly create dynamic slide shows。
New Brush Tool Shield designer
Will the video、Pictures and text overlap,Adjust transparency,Present multi-layered images。
Transfer Designer
Remit a single picture,Making Alpha Transition Effects
Strengthen the drawing designer
Use a range of brush tools,Make hand-drawn animations、Arrow indicates or masks。
Enhanced Subtitle WorkRoom
Custom personalized subtitles,And further output into SRT subtitles。
Select designer
Custom disc version、Style、Titles and chapters。
Multi-color goback
Back-to-back editing engine with enhanced color and a variety of background colors to choose from,So you can meet your needs,Easily complete the green curtain to go back,Super clean!
New grid-by-item tracking
In each drawing,Accurately track moving image objects in your video,And with fill text、Pictures or effects animations,Make the main character stand out。
New integrated multi-machine clip &Video Collage
Intuitive "multi-machine edit designer" for intuitive operations,Let you just press a few mouse clicks,can be used to synchronize audio,Assist you in your wedding or large event,Video captured with different photographic devices is arranged on the timeline in chronological order。
Use the screen switching tool to select the lens angle each clip wants,Rerecord output into a new video,Or with "Video Collage Designer",Choose a preset drawing grid animation cover,Also able to customize the border design,Create eye-sucking head and end。

Professional editing tools & Performance
New video pre-cut
Pre-clip video footage into a single or several clips and staging them in the library for use in different video projects,It also saves that the original footage is not affected。
New Nest Video Editing
Several project files can be combined into one or one project file can be re-integrated into different projects,Help you get faster.,Efficient video creation。
Video Mix Effects
Easy to put a variety of filters、Halo or leak effectstack to video footage,Zoom in on your visual experience,Enrichtheed picture levels。
New Smart Picks Better Output Format
Through smart technology,Director Power, based on the material you use,,Sort out several good output formats,Helps you export good quality videos。

True360 ™ Panorama Video Editing
Open True360 ™ Video Project,In-sink stitched over 360 panoramic footage,Elastic use of a range of editing tools,360 Full Field Video of Perfect Zero Dead Corner。
Enhanced 360-degree video stabilizer
360Video Stabilizer,Makes you faster to fix the shaking sensation of taking a ride,It also improves the stability of walking or running pictures。
360Text & PIP child-mother screen object
Use text titles or child-parent screen objects designed for 360-degree panoramic footage,To ensure that you can fit your video or photo naturally,Don't distort the deformation。
True360 ™ Perspective Designer
Turn on the Perspective Designer,Convert 360o video to 2D video。Like multi-machine photography.,Choose your perspective,Create your story。
Enhanced unparalleled speed
Power Director Not Only Carries True Velocity 8 64-bit computing engine,And support for OpenCL and multi-graphics acceleration,Optimize computer hardware resources,From the incoming material、Clip to preview output,Even HD or 4K high-quality videos or photos,The whole process is not lengthy and time-consuming。

Enriched content & Effects
Theme design effects&Template
To help you create more vivid videos,We launch a range of themed special effects packages,Animation with text title、Transition effects、Child-parent screen objects and project templates,One-click drag quickly pairs with a variety of materials,Even novices will use。
Enrichtheed theme soundtracks and effects
Full of effect sounds and theme soundtracks,让你灵活应用于视频,进而加深声视张力、放大观众情绪,输出后立即上传YouTube与人分享。


Update the log:

– Adds support for editing ActionDirector projects.
– Adds the updated Nico Nico Douga sign-in mechanism.
– Fixes the issue that the video speed is slow motion when previewing AVI video captured by PowerDirector.
– Enhances usability to integrate default keyframes for the “Zoom In” and “Zoom Out” effects.
– Fixes the issue that the capture device resolution drop down list is empty when using webcam to capture video.
– Fixes the issue that the shadow file can’t be generated when the source video is MJPG AVI format.
– Fixes the issue that the Screen Recorder captured 1920×1080 video is blurry when previewing the video on the timeline.
– Fixes the crash issue encountered when producing a 2K/4K video that contain specific effects.
– Fixes the crash issue encountered when opening a transition dialog in the Theme Designer.


Version description:

添加到您的 hosts 文件(默认情况下:C:WindowsSystem32driversetchosts)这些行: cap.cyberlink.com activation.cyberlink.com

1.If you previously installed a pirated sequence,Please uninstall it completely。Delete all CyberlinkPowerDirector17 entries in the registry。
2.Clear ProgramData,Roaming,All Cyberlink user folders in LocalAppData。
3.Once the installation is complete,Install my pre-activation settings,Shut down,But it hasn't started yet。Merge provides registration。
4.Open now,Import MKV or MP4,Go to the Produce tab,Select H265,Click to start。You will pop the codec to activate,Select I don't have an internet connection。Insert any number,E., 11111111,Click OK。Codec activation complete。


Download the address:

City pass:http://dl.2956588.xyz/dir/884953-32621347-b9932d/

https://pan.baidu.com/s/1bxX-_GoXGjDS7stOaY17bw Extract Code:hncr



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