2345Look at King 2345pic v10.5.0.9364 to go to the advertising version

2345Look at the picture king is a picture browsing software.。Now love green soft for everyone to bring 2345 to see the king go advertising version has been updated to v9.1.2.8385 。2345See The King is a picture browser from 2345.,Early in the promotion of domestic is basically binding、Can't uninstall anything.。But,It is estimated that this promotion model works well.,More people are starting to use it.。2345Look at the picture king is a very fast look at the picture software.、Perfect support for all major picture formats.,Up to 69 species! Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

2345Look at The King of Tu.
Super easy-to-use graph-watching software.,You deserve it.

Super fast、A hundred mega pictures open in seconds.
Super picture engine.,Hundred mega-seconds on
Faster than traditional graph-watching software.。

Subtle image processing technology.,Restore real colors.
Restore real colors.,Perfect support for CMYK mode.
2345Look at the king's use of sophisticated image processing techniques.,Faster than traditional graph-watching software.,Perfect support for CMYK mode.;
What you see on the screen is printed.,Give you a super real world.。

Easy-to-use picture beautification.,1Seconds become PS Master.
Features are available,Bulk processing、Picture beautification.
Look at the picture king to provide you with simple and easy-to-operate picture beautification function.。

Supports up to 69 formats.
In addition to supporting JPG/BMP/PNG common picture formats and GIF/TIF animation formats.,
Professional formats such as PSD/RAW/WEBP/JP2 are also supported.。


Update the log:

1、New PDF kernel,Greater compatibility;
2、Fixed some printing issues。


Version description:

* Go to the program to verify,Go advertising and all kinds of junk behavior,Clean and thorough
* Go to the interface with all 2345 words and Logo,No 2345 logo
* Go to today's hot pop-up window、Look at the information advertisement in the window column of Tuwang's home page
* Go to the LOGO picture area at the bottom left of the main screen of the picture manager
* Go to PDF Reader Window For Information Ads,and menu question feedback
* Go to the useless menu items for all programs:Question feedback.、The detection version
* Go to the options interface:Detect upgrade bar items、General - Home information settings
* Programs are prohibited from secretly tampering with the brush behavior of browser home page 2345 navigation
* Programs are prohibited from automatically creating the Start Menu "2345 Ace Software" program group
* Eliminate all program detection upgrades,The background download of the upgrade packet file is prohibited
* Prevent all programs from downloading creatives in the background、Access statistics,Behind the brush volume statistical analysis reporting behavior
* Remove various garbage components:Power-on Assistant,Today's hot spots,URL navigation,Business assistance,Core services,The upgrader

Ps:If you do not need to associate thumbnails and right-click menus for right-click decompression use,You do not have to execute the associated format bat!


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