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2345Look at the picture king is a picture browsing software.。Now love green soft for everyone to bring 2345 look at the picture king to advertise version has been updated.to v9.1.2.8385. 。

2345See The King is a picture browser from 2345.,Early in the promotion of domestic is basically binding、Can't uninstall anything.。But,It is estimated that this promotion model works well.,More people are starting to use it.。2345Look at the picture king is a very fast look at the picture software.、Perfect support for all major picture formats.,Up to 69!

Description of the app:

2345Look at The King of Tu.
Super easy-to-use graph-watching software.,You deserve it.

Super fast、A hundred mega pictures open in seconds.
Super picture engine.,Hundred mega-seconds on
Faster than traditional graph-watching software.。

Subtle image processing technology.,Restore real colors.
Restore real colors.,Perfect support for CMYK mode.
2345Look at the king's use of sophisticated image processing techniques.,Faster than traditional graph-watching software.,Perfect support for CMYK mode.;
What you see on the screen is printed.,Give you a super real world.。

Easy-to-use picture beautification.,1Seconds become PS Master.
Features are available,Bulk processing、Picture beautification.
Look at the picture king to provide you with simple and easy-to-operate picture beautification function.。

Supports up to 69 formats.
In addition to supporting JPG/BMP/PNG common picture formats and GIF/TIF animation formats.,
Professional formats such as PSD/RAW/WEBP/JP2 are also supported.。


Update the log:

1. New apng format support.,A motion picture effect that is clearer than gif.。
2. Officially, update logs are not written.,Anyway, it's probably a double eleven ad or something.。
Optimize improvements.
1. Improve Win10 compatibility.,Correlation issues are no longer a concern.。
Fixing the problem
1. Fixes an issue where PDF comments cannot be saved.;
2. Fixes an issue in which pictures in a PDF file cannot be double-clicked.;
3. Fixes an incomplete display in the PDF file section.。


Version description:(Three thousand yard rain)

Official rogue services can be automatically uninstalled before installation (yes)
Installed legacy users are prohibited from selecting a different installation directory (prevent sluts)
Fix a mysterious bug that doesn't know why I hijacked my blog into a home page (it should have been fixed)
For stability, don't modify the right-click menu "Beautify pictures with the king of the picture" option for stability.,Obsessive compulsive disorder can not check this component.
Maybe the modification technique has been optimized (it's actually rubbish to say so)
Replaced the official self-brought part of the description of death obsessive compulsive disorder.
Added self-destruct mechanism for packing and carrying dogs (not for who really)
Updated version of XnView right-click view (still needs to be manually uninstalled)
Better imitate the official installer.,Fixes Win10 association issue (perhaps)


Remove SaloganPic.、All creatives, such as GiftBox, are downloaded online.
Remove all 2345 words that can be removed normally.
Remove the lower left file tree ad.
Remove microblogging/space sharing.,Keep QQ to share.
Remove the daily news ad bounce window and options.
Remove upgrade features and settings options.
Go unless the official version reports the wrong prompt.
Remove information about menus to prevent people with ulterior motives from messing around.
Adjusting the layout of the interface text and its description meet obsessive compulsive disorder.
Repack the installation package release to make its process more controlled.
PDF readers and picture beautification are optional.
Integrates additional XnView right-click view capabilities.


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  • All resources on this site are available to provide a trial experience,You must be within 24 hours of downloading, Completely remove from your device。
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