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Fing is a free web kit,Fing's network scanner can scan any network,And discover all connected devices quickly and accurately。And you can test Wi-Fi and Internet speed anywhere using Fing。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

The Fing App is the highest-ranked free web kit used by millions of people。Fing's network scanner will scan any network,And discover all connected devices quickly and accurately。Run Wi-Fi and Internet speed tests anywhere using the Fing App,to find the best provider、Solve network and device problems and detect network intruders。

Free tools and utilities to use the Fing App:
+ Sign up for network security and device alerts for mobile phones and emails
+ Scan the network using Fing's Wi-Fi network scanner,and discover all devices connected to any network
+ Includes port scans、Device ping、Traceroute、DNS Find and LA-La
+ Get an IP address、MAC address、Device name、Model、The most accurate equipment identification for suppliers and manufacturers
+ Detectwi-Fi intruders,Show your new unknown device on each scan
+ NetBIOS、UPnP、SNMP and Bonjour names,Advanced device analysis for properties and device types
+ Run the Internet Speed Test、WiFi speed test、Download speed and upload speed analysis and latency

Add Fingbox to unlock advanced network protection and smart home troubleshooting:
+ Always know who's home when you're not at home.
+ Find Wi-Fi Sweet Spot
+ Protect your home network with open port detection and network vulnerability analysis
+ Set up parental controls,to schedule screen time and pause Internet access
+ Analyze bandwidth usage by device,to find the user in use
+ Automatically block intruders and unknown devices before joining your network
+ Automate network speed testing and obtain reports for ISP performance benchmarks
+ See all the devices that pass near your home


Update the log:

Improved user interface readability
Improved dark theme


Version description:

1、Advanced/Paid features are unlocked

2、Delete all ads


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