Voice online recognition recording v6.9 Pro cracking edition

录音啦是Windows平台上一款语音在线识别软件现爱绿软为大家带来的语音在线识别 录音啦破解版已经更新到 v6.9 Pro

Recording is a software with multiple speech recognition interfaces.,Support for audio/video recording、Quickly convert to text。Recording. Also supports extreme speed recognition、High availability Rate、Multiple engine support、Security and confidentiality。

Application Instructions:

Audio/Video、Quickly convert to text
Simple, fast, stable and easy to use

Product advantages
We strive to be the best audio and text software in the country.,Help more users,Reduce the burden of work
Extremely fast recognition
Recording, high-speed identification engine.、The fastest 3 seconds to identify a word、1Hourly recording takes an average of only 10 minutes to convert
High availability Rate
Common audio and video formats are supported for identification,Maximum accuracy up to 95%
Security and confidentiality
Business operations,The website uses bank-level encryption technology,Recording doesn't leak.,Safer and more reliable
Multiple engine support
Recording. Support for six group identification technology,High recognition efficiency,Powerful Product Features

Service Scenarios
Recording service in more than 10 industries,At present, the cumulative number of users reached 230,000
Bulk conversion
Multi-file recognition increases efficiency
Account sharing
One account for multi-user use
Recording finishing
Quickly identify recording and turning text
Security and stability
24Hours available with strong confidentiality
Text Turn speech
Text synthesis voice flexibility is strong


Update log:

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Release description:(I love cracking @crazynut)





Download Address:

City Pass:https://ilvruan.ctfile.com/dir/884953-32883928-a64e6f/


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