Voice Online Recognition Audio recorder v6.9 Pro Special Edition

Recording is a voice online recognition software。Now love green soft for everyone to bring voice online recognition audio recording special edition has been updated to v6.9 Pro

Recording is a software with multiple speech recognition interfaces,Support for recording/video、Quickly convert to text。The recording also supports extreme speed recognition.、High availability、Multi-engine support、Security and confidentiality。

Description of the app:

Recordings/Videos、Quickly convert to text
Simple, fast, stable, easy to use

Product advantages
We strive to do the best recording transtext software in the country,Helping more users,Reducing the burden of work
Extreme speed recognition
Recording high-speed recognition engine、Recognize the word in as fast as 3 seconds、1Hourly recordingtakes take an average of only 10 minutes to convert
High availability
Common recording and video format pass support recognition,Up to 95% accuracy
Security and confidentiality
Business operations,The website uses bank-level encryption technology,The recording is not disclosed.,Safe and reliable
Multi-engine support
Recording sauer supports six groups of identification technology,High recognition efficiency,The product is powerful.

Service scenarios
More than 10 industries in the recording service sector,The current accumulation of users reached 230,000
Bulk conversion
Multi-file recognition increases efficiency
Account sharing
One account Multi-user
Recording finishing
Quick recognition Recorded text
Security and stability
24Houravailable Confidentiality Strong
Text synthesis speech flexibility


Update the log:

Not yet


Version description:(My love is [email protected])

1.Video subtitle extraction,Increase thread termination,Avoid crashes due to network ingress
2.Real-time conversion,Two options in Both English and Chinese,Change disso-seofed to one,Automatic judgment
3.Real-time conversion,Increased analog output of recognition results,Supports text output in multiple environments
4.Real-time conversion,Changing the translation interface,Higher accuracy
5.Set the region to increase the "Baidu high-precision" map、Default is off


Patch seriously poisoned,Fear can not use,Patch thrown at the recording root can be executed。

This patch is for technical communication only,Ability to ask to support authors,Buy genuine software!

Download the address:

City pass:http://dl.2956588.xyz/dir/884953-32883928-a64e6f/


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