MAC text editor Sublime Text v3.2 Build 3203 Special Edition

Sublime Text is a text editor on the MacOS platform.。The MAC text editor Sublime Text Special Edition, which loves Green Soft for everyone, has been updated. v3.2 Build. 3203

Sublime Text is an advanced text editor,Sublime Text.It is different from the text editor that comes with the system.,Sublime Text.It can be said to be tailored for developers.。

Description of the app:

Sublime Text is a code editor.,It is also an advanced text editor for HTML and prose.,It is different from the file editor that comes with the system.,It can be said to be tailored for developers.。

Sublime Text supports syntax highlighting in a variety of programming languages.、Have excellent code auto-completion.,Press Table to complete.,Just like you normally knock on a switch or linux command.。Features of snippets.,You can save commonly used snippets of code.,Call whenever you need it.。
VIM mode is supported.,Most commands in Vim mode can be used.。
Macros are supported.,Simply put, record the action or write your own commands.,Then play the action or command that you just recorded..
A variety of plug-ins are also supported.,Scalability is very strong!

Mainstream front-end development editor.
The inline python explainer supports plug-in development for scalable purposes.
Smaller size.,Fast running speed
Compilation is supported and the output can be seen in the console.
The text is powerful.
Package Control.:A large number of plug-ins supported by ST can be managed through it.


Update the log:

Not yet


Version description:(@macbl)

Use the registration code in SN.txt or serial.txt.,Activate the software.。

Hanhua address.:

Registration code
50 User License.
927BA117 84C9300F 4A0CCBC4 34A56B44.
985E4562 59F2B63B CCCFF92F 0E646B83.
0FD6487D 1507AE29 9CC4F9F5 0A6F32E3.
0343D868 C18E2CD5 27641A71. 25475648
309705B3 E468DDC4 1B766A18 7952D28C.
E627DDBA 960A2153 69A2D98A C87C0607.
45DC6049 8C04EC29 D18DFA40 442C680B.
1342224D 44D90641 33A3B9F2 46AADB8F.


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