Text Editing EmEditor v19.6.1 Pro Portable

EmEditor is a text editing software on the windows platform.。The text editor EmEditor Pro Portable edition, which is now available with Green Soft, has been updated. v19.6.1.

EmEditor is the best Windows text editor for large files and Unicode,It's still fast.,Lightweight,Extensable.,Use the convenient Windows text editor.,It also supports a variety of user interface languages.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

The most popular text editor.
EmEditor supports Unicode and many international codes.。EmEditor is one of the most popular text editors in the world!

"The world's fastest text editor"
With a quick.,Lightweight,A scalable text editor to highlight your performance.。Let EmEditor help you achieve your goals!

Easily process CSV data.
EmEditor's powerful CSV and filter capabilities give you a shortcut to searching for and analyzing big data files!

Support for large files.
EmEditor can open very large files - up to 248GB or. 2.1 billion rows -- and only a little memory.,Allows you to work with files of any size you want.。

EMEDITOR text editor features.
Grammar highlight
Multi-constituency editing.
Compare documents.
The use of regular expressions.

with Windows. 10 Compatible
Unicode is supported.
Portability options.
Transcoding of multiple files.
Fast 64-bit version.

Supports large CSV data.
Easy to handle. 248 GB large files.
Oversized file controller.
Optimized CSV and sorting capabilities.
Multithreaded performance.

Plug-ins are supported.
Powerful,Editable macros.
Integrate external tools.
Show the outline.

The user experience.
A tailor-made interface.
Label design.
Get started quickly.
The workspace content is automatically saved.

More features…
The list of attributes.
What's new in the latest release.
Version record.
EmEditor Free Edition.
Compare the portable version with the store app version.


Update the log:

Fixes an issue with EmEditor crashing on an old CPU that does not have an SSE3 instruction set.。
Fixes in a very large file if you replace too many characters with Replace All.,An error that EmEditor does not work.。
Through restrictions. 32 The number of threads in the bit version. 4,to preserve the memory you need for each thread.,Fixed. 32 A bug in which a bit-bit version of EmEditor executes the Replace All command in a very large file.。


Version description:(@roustar31)

+ Based on the official version of the production.
+ Fully green portability
+ Contains 32 Bit and 64 Bit version
+ All plug-ins are included in the official version.
+ Only simplified ones are retained. / Traditional. / English in three languages.
+ Add a Dark theme.
+ Most importantly.,had been harmonious.,Unzim directly.

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The new version changes the configuration detection method.,For the first time, click on the tool. —> So configure the properties. —> Save the configuration settings!
If you start the program for the first time or if the card is not visible for half a day.,Just wait a few minutes.,Only the card for the first time.


This special edition is for exchange learning purposes only,Please download it later. 24 Delete it yourself within hours.,No illegal transmission
If you like the software,Please purchase genuine:https://zh-cn.emeditor.com/#purchase


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