Lighting Calculator Lighting calculations v4.1.2 Paid Pro

Lighting calculations is a calculator on the Android platform that calculates data related to light.。Now love green soft for everyone to bring the lighting calculator Lighting calculations paid professional version has been updated.v4.1.2.

Lighting calculator Lighting calculations is one of the best applications in the lighting space.,A variety of computing functions are built in.,Help you get the job done.。Lighting calculator Lighting calculations support total light flux calculations.、Conversion of the number of luminaires.、Lumination efficiency calculations and so on.。

Description of the app:

The Lighting Calculator is one of the best applications in the field of lighting.,A variety of computing functions are built in.,Help you get the job done.。You can't live without it on your smartphone!

Total light flux calculation. [PRO PRO]
Number of lamps.
Transformation:Lux to Wa.
Transformation:Lux to Luming.
Transformation:Lumen to the tile.
Transformation:The lumen seds to Lux.
Transformation:tile to lumen.
Transformation:Lux/foot candlelight.
Transformation:Lumen to Candela (New Candlelight)
Transformation:Candela (New Candlelight) to Luming.
Transformation:Candela (New Candlelight) to Lux.
Transformation:Lux to Candela (New Candlelight)
Power comparison.
Lumination efficiency calculation.
The illumination conversion. [PRO PRO]
Brightness conversion. [PRO PRO]
K (color temperature) is converted to RGB.
Fluorescent tube color code. [PRO PRO]
Power factor correction. [PRO PRO]
The scale. [PRO PRO] (Compatible only on devices with light sensor.)
The lamp saves power calculation.
Floor illumination calculation. [PRO PRO]
Light biosecurity of LEDs. [PRO PRO]
specific forces. [PRO PRO]
Fluorescent tube. [PRO PRO]
Photovision performance table.
A simple spectrum of color temperature.
Kruithof curve.
Indoor lighting requirements.
The lamp parameters. [PRO PRO]
The light port. [PRO PRO]
The type of bulb.
Visible spectrum.
Common LED performance. [PRO PRO]
Patch LED specifications.
Unit of measure.
Formula. [PRO PRO]
Uniform glare rating.(UGR.)
Color index.


Update the log:

* New: Settings backup.
* Add: Selectable result.
* Add: The Chinese language. (By Ferid.)
* Add: Pinterest Profile.
* Upd.: The Seue [Pt.] language. (By Leandro Sousa.)
* Mod.: Removed Firebase Invites.


Version description:(@Dogadaevznet)

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