Open source drive management Snappy Driver Installer(Sdi) v1.5.5.704

Snappy Driver Installer is an open source drive management program on the windows platform,Now Love Green Soft Brings Drive Management Snappy Driver Installer(Sdi) Updated tov1.5.5.704

Snappy Driver Installer is an open source and free, ad-free drive-by installation manager,Snappy Driver Installer supports automatic detection of missing drivers and drivers with low versions,Also supported also automatic download and installation driver。

Description of the app:

Install missing drivers and update old drivers
If you lose the driver disc,Driver cannot be found on the manufacturer's website,Or Windows Update can't configure your hardware,Use this tool to quickly find and install all missing drivers。
If you are a PC technician,Keep the Snappy driver installer on a USB flash drive or external hard drive,Take it with you,Take it with you。In an environment without Internet access,You can get the job done quickly。No longer need to search for drivers after full installation,Just let Snappy Driver Installer do it.,Your work will be completed immediately。

There are no restrictions.。No advanced features。No adware。No traps.。

Save it on a USB drive,Use anytime, anywhere。No installation required。

You will be notified about available updates,You will be able to download them using the tool itself。

Automatic creation of system restore points。

All Windows supports
Compatible with all versions of Windows,Include server version。

Choose any theme you like or make your own。

State-of-the-art algorithm for finding the best-matchdriver for any device。

Open source
Licensed under GNU GPL v3.0。You can view the source code and submit patches。

Multiple languages
Support sits in 27 languages。Your language may be between them.。


Update the log:

– Driver Packs 19091

– Translations.


Version description:

Green Portable Edition,Without drive files。(4M only)

Also available with all-driven seed files (14G unzipd out estimated 90G) Downloads are not recommended


Download the address:


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