Android Tencent Microcloud APP v6.9.6 Special Edition

Tencent Microcloud APP is an online app on Android.,Now love green soft for everyone to bring the Android Tencent micro-cloud special edition has been updated. v6.9.6.

Tencent Microcloud is tencent's launch、An intelligent cloud service designed for users, You can easily sync files between your phone and your computer through a microcloud.、Push photos and transfer data.。

Description of the app:

More than 400 million people use cloud storage services! 10G free capacity.,You can save tens of thousands of HD photos.,Multiple HD videos! Various types of files are available for preservation.、Notes、Web page.、Even QQ transfer file ability.。


Microcloud is a smart cloud service that Tencent has crafted for its users.,More than 400 million users are already using the services provided by microclouds.。
A stable and reliable storage of any file for multi-ended viewing.、Download sharing files for easy file management multiple format files online preview.

Function Description

1.Write notes.:
Shopping list、Memos.、Lecture notes.、The address phone.,Collect it at any time.、anyone you create.。
2. Triple security.:
Account password. + A separate password. + Lock screen password triple protection.,Foolproof.。
3.Office documents are viewed with them.:
The document on your computer.、Image,The phone will still be able to open.,You can view it anytime, anywhere.。
4.The compressed package preview.:
A compression package (zip) was received., rar,7z) you can preview directly on your iPhone.,No need to download to the computer.。
5.Album Backup:
Back up all the photos in your phone with one click.,Supports background operation.。Never more worried about filling up or losing your phone.。
6.Great sharing ability.:
Share to QQ friends with one click.、QQ group.、Wechat、Circle of Friends、QQ space、Weibo、Mailbox、Sms。
7.Contacts backup.:
Upload the address book with one click.,Saving in the cloud,Security.,Switching is worry-free.。


Update the log:

New: WeChat and QQ file backup.。


Version description:(@Sky, Zhe Shao)

Special VIP acceleration.


Download the address: Extract code:tvqf.


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