Android Open Source Novel Reader Read YueDu v2.19.112914

Reading is a novel reader on Android。Now love green soft for everyone to bring Android open source Reading MyBookshelf has been updated tov2.19.112914

Reading is an open source novel reader,reading is no any ad,In this day and age there are no ads for readers that are less and less。Read Fork's MONKOVEL source code in Zhang Qinhao,Continuous optimization modifications。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Read for open source software,No Google Play on the shelf,Not sold anywhere,

The reading interface is simple,Focus on reading

Reading is small though,But it's fully functional.

A rich source of books to read,Support for homemade source,All-in-one

Read support edited feeds,Self - sufficient

Read also has a discovery module,Finding books faster and easier

Reading also supports custom layout,Extremely versatile


Update the log:

  • 2019/11/29
    • Add the next control on the headset
    • Custom keys add previous configuration


Version description:

Open source version,No ads


Source import
Method 1 ( Network import ):
Copy the source URL,Open reading”Source management”->Click on the menu in the upper right corner ->Choose”Network import”
->Press and hold the input box,Paste the copied source URL of the book,Click”Confirm”

Method two ( String import ):
Copy the source json to the clipboard,Open reading”Source management”->Click on the menu in the upper right corner ->
Choose”New source”->Click on the menu in the upper right corner ->Choose”Paste the source of the book”(Direct long-press paste is invalid)

Note: Highly recommended”Network import”,Source failures can be fixed instantly!


Recommended:Collection Source One(Direct URL import):

Collection Source Two(Find the source you need when you open the link,Copy URL import):


Download the address:


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