Android Time Planning Management Sectograph v5.14.1 Paid Pro

Sectograph is a time planning management app on Android。Now love green soft for everyone to bring time planning management Sectograph paid Professional has been updated to5.14.1

Sectograph can help you improve your sense of time and visualization of the day。Keep your daily plans organized,Sectograph's calendar and analog clock are combined,Give you a stunning visual representation of your work,Lets you plan and calculate the day effectively。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Sectograph (S.Graph) – A timetable,Visualize the case of the day in the form of a 12-hour circular chart,Events and task lists。
The app will help you improve your sense of time and visualize the day。

How to work

Nutshell,This is a calendar in a few hours.。This is a timer for a transaction,For the exact organization time。
Planner as analog clock part。It automatically receives all events and tasks from your Google Calendar,and place it on the 12th sector dial.。

How to look at it

Your case and task list (Google Events) (calendar clock) appears as pie charts in apps and device widgets。
Activities are departments,Duration and duration,You can clearly monitor to follow the plan。
Calendar and analog clock steaming together,Give you a stunning visual representation of your work,Lets you plan and calculate the day effectively。

Why does it work for you?
✔ schedule a day.。Your daily life is more comfortable than ever。Follow and improve,Just use the app as the organizer for case and journaling tasks。
✔ tracking time。Easily track working hours,Take a break on time (the principle of the "tomato clock" timer)。
Accounting and monitoring of ✔ working hours。Place the phone in the docking station of the workplace,The business will be completely under control。
✔ course schedule。Keep your phone close to your hand,See how much time is left before the university concludes.,Lab work won't be late.。
✔ timer trip and duration of air travel。Thanks to endless journeys and flights,You lost the track of time? Control registration time,Landing time and flight time。Keep everything under control.。
✔ arrange meals,Important activities such as medicines and sports activities。Lead the right way of life,Health!
time management ✔ using GTD (completion of tasks) technology。This routine causes a lot of confusion.,But did you forget something? Work order needs to be controlled and punctual!
Schedule is what you need.。
To do this,Use the daily scheduler department as your personal manager。
✔ planning event countdown is easy。The plan for the day will be fully realized.。
✔ monitor day-to-day business anytime, anywhere。Achieving the goal,To this end,,Keep the app on your device。
✔ my goal.。 It is important to note that:Time in the application can be used to achieve goals。 Time timers will always help allocate time,Organize a day,and complete the task on time.。
✔ worksheet。You can easily see the time,Your report card will become very intuitive。A timeline of cases in visual form。
✔ daily planning and timing time。Add your daily affairs to Sectograph,Agenda,Meeting,Event,And always know the remaining time to wait until the end of the current event and before the next event。Don't be late.。


Do you have a smart Android Wear?
Excellent! 24 hours a day.,In any case,You'll all receive alerts in an understandable visual form。 Now your smartwatch is the most effective reminder!

Main screen room

Use the date scheduler widget on the device。Write about personal or work activities。
Widgets automatically update events and times on the smartphone screen,Every minute.,And after a new task appears in the calendar。


Update the log:

Set the default duration for new events.
Local calendars.
PRO PRO: Detail widget palette.
Added Hebrew.
Greek added.
Added Vietnamese.
Updated FAQ.
Bug fixes and optimization ++.


Version description:(balatan)

1、Pro Pro Pro features unlocked

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