Android singing karaoke Kakoke v4.3.2 paid Pro Edition

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Kakoke是安卓平台上一款唱歌软件现爱绿软为大家带来的安卓 唱歌 卡拉OK Kakoke付费专业版已经更新到 V4.3.2

Kakoke has all the karaoke songs in the world.,Kakoke supports online and offline singing karaoke,And it has high quality recordings.,But add special effects to the sound in real time.。

Application Instructions:

All the karaoke songs in the World
If you think you're not singing well,,The simplest way to sing
Raise Your voice.

★ Real-time audio effects:Echo,Reverberation,Bass,Alto,Treble
★ The sound effects of karaoke rooms
Edit vocals before and after ★ recording
★ Turn on the microphone,You can hear your voice.
★ Save,Recover and back up your favorite songs
★ Sing Karaoke online and offline
★ High Quality Recordings

Social networking
★ Sort and search songs by country
★ Sing for the World and share your songs
★ Download songs from your favorite users
_ Top Song Ranking,Top Karaoke,Top singers,热门评论……



Update log:

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Release description:(@srajawwal09)

1、PRO Professional Advanced Features Unlocked



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