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microKMS is a KMS activation software on windows platform。Now love green soft for everyone to bring KMS activation microKMS Shenlong go ad version has been updated to v19.04.03

microKMS is also an activation software developed by the U.S. network,Since Microsoft released Win8,For Win10、The activation tools of the win8/8.1 system are endless,But at the moment the activation tool on the network is a fish mix.,Haphazard,So it was also the U.S. network launched the MicroKMS Shenlong version,microKMS can activate win10 online、win8/8.1 and office2019、2016、2013Wait a minute.


Description of the app:

MicroKMS Dragon edition currently activates Win10、win8/8.1、Win7 and system versions such as server2008/2012/2016/2019,These include:Professional Workstation Edition、Enterprise Edition、Professional、Education Edition、Professional Education Edition、Home Edition、Core、Chinese (OEM pre-installed system version)、Single-language version, etc.,Also support sit-in office activation 2010/2013/2016/2019 Proplus、Visio 2010/2013/2016/2019 Pro、Project 2010/2013/2016/2019 Pro。

It's not just the VL version of the system and office,can only use kms activation,Retail version can also be activated with kms。VL-VOL-Large Customer Edition-Volume Licensing Edition,Here's a brief version of win8/8.1/10 and office2013/2016,

Win10 is divided into Enterprise Edition、Enterprise G、Education Edition、Professional、Home Chinese and post-workstation versions, etc.,

Win8/8.1 cents for the core、Professional、Enterprise Edition、Pre-installed version, etc.

The Professional Edition is divided into retail and VOL editions.

Office2013/2016 is roughly divided into standard versions、Professional、Professional enhanced version, etc.

Professional (enhanced version) is also divided into retail and VOL version

Win8/8.1/10 Enterprise is VOL。



Update the log:

1、Fix esqueg when activating Win10 Enterprise LTSC 2019


Version description:(@pyg)

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