Google Store APK Downloader APK Downloader v1.0.0.0

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APK Downloader is an APK download tool on the Windows platform,Now love Green soft for everyone to bring Google Store APK Downloader APK Downloader has been updated to v1.0.0.0

APK Downloader is a very useful Google store APK Downloader developed based on Java,Here users can download a variety of their favorite software at any time,Compact Software size,The interface is clean and concise,It's also very easy to operate.,And the downloaded APK file is the latest version!

Application Instructions:

Download the APK file in Google Play directly。


Update log:

Not yet


Release description:(@Roshinichi)

How to use it:
1、Find the app you want to download in Google play,Then copy the package name after id= in the browser address bar;
2、Paste the package name into the input box,Click Get,You can get some information about the software.;
3、Click to download,Choosing a storage path for a good file,Wait a minute, the app's download is complete.;

4、When the APK file is finished downloading,Can be installed directly on the Android simulator.,Or send it to your phone for installation。

Attention:When downloading an APP that doesn't exist in the Google Store, you'll get an error and exit the program。



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