Seed Editor Torrent File Editor v0.3.14 Single File Edition

Torrent File Editor is a tool on the windows platform to edit seed Torrent,Now love green soft for everyone to bring the seed editor Torrent File Editor single file version has been updated to v0.3.14

Torrent File Editor is a Qt-based GUI tool,Torrent File Editor can create and edit.torrent files。 With Torrent File Editor you can create .torrent files from scratch。 In addition,,Feel free to edit any .torrent file。 The tool helps you add and delete data from .torrent files,and exchange files in this format。

Description of the app:

Lightweight BT Seed Editor
Word,Torrent File Editor is a lightweight application,Can help you create torrent files or edit existing free ways on your computer。It does not need to be installed,Comes with a simple interface,Includes several intuitive features,Requires minimal configuration。

Simple interface
Torrent File Editor offers a minimalist,User-friendly interface,Pack some intuitive features,Make it possible for a variety of users,At least basic knowledge of torrent files,Easily operate them。
What's more,,No standard configuration menu,A window or pane is available,Because the purpose of this application is very simple.:Helps you get as fast on your computer as possible,Create or edit torrent files efficiently。

Portable tools
Because it's portable,,You don't need to install this program on your computer,Because it only needs to unzip the contents of its archive and launch its executable file to access its functionality。
What's more,,It does not tamper with any Windows registry files,It also does not generate any files or folders on your computer,Without your explicit permission。Its portability allows it to run from removable media,For example, USB flash drives or external HDDs。

Torrent File Creator
If you need to generate a new Torrent file or edit an existing Torrent file,You can go to this application。In order to do so,,You need to define a few parameters,Include name,Url,Publishers,When to create,Trackers and Comments。
In addition,,You must specify which files should be included in your Torrent select from your computer。The application also includes a tree and original view,Can help you see your Torrent content in a variety of ways。


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Version description:

Single File Edition


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