File Sync Backup GoodSync Enterprise v10.11.6.9 Chinese Enterprise Special Edition

GoodSync is the next file sync backup tool on the window platform,GoodSync Chinese Enterprise Special Edition is a file sync backup tool,GoodSync can put your USB stick emails,Precious family photos,Contacts,Video files or other important files are backed up to your PC's hard drive,You can also copy from your hard drive to a USB stick for backup,Keep your important data never lost。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

File synchronization and backup software
Easily back up and sync files with GoodSync。Our simple and secure file backup and sync software will ensure that your files are never lost。

File backup
A simple,Fast and secure approach,You can automatically back up all your data to multiple targets and restore it when needed。

File synchronization
Real-time and automated data replication,One-way or two-way synchronization across multiple targets and platforms。

The functionality of each backup and sync task,Real-time data transfer
Automatic,Plan and back up and sync in real time,No user interaction required。

Block-level data transfer
Spread only blocks of data that have changed since the last analysis,this significantly reduces backup time,Network consumption and storage requirements。

Unattended service
Run as a background service,Execute automatic,Plan and back up in real time,No user interaction required。

Data encryption,End-to-end encryption
Improve security by applying AES-256-bit encryption to mission-critical data during transmission and rest。

Version history control
Save a single or multiple versions of your data change history,Ensure maximum protection and minimum data recovery time。

Copy a locked file

Keep files open on the user's device back up and running at the same time。

Automatic conflict resolution files and folders
Move/Rename Detection
GoodSync detects file/folder rename and executes it as a move command。

ACL propagation,Security properties
Ability to monitor and disseminate file security properties across the Internet,Maintain the same level of access in different locations。

Bandwith Throttling
Control the maximum bandwidth allowed for each GoodSync job,Eliminate unnecessary disruption to other basic services。


Update the log:

* Import: Fixed import of old format jobs.tic file.

* Import: Fixed normalization of gstp:// account to gstps:// account.

* GSTP: Allow gstp:// prefix if it is IP name/addr without .goodsync in it.

* Backblaze B2: When doing multi-part uploading, request new URL for chunk to upload on each retry.

* Browse Dlg + Storage: Improved Storage provisioning in Browse dialog.

* OAuth2 + Browser: Run OAuth2 request from main thread, in Browser, not from worker thread.

* OAuth2 + Browser: improved unwinding on various OAuth2 stopping/canceling scenarios.

* Licenses: Implement Offline (Via Browser) Activation using GoodSync Account, for server licenses.

* GSTP: Fixed One Time Password (OTP) can be sent more than one time.

* gsync /version or /license: Print better data, same as in Help -> About of GUI version.


Version description:



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The genuine s

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