Android Novel Reader Sogou Master v20.12 Go Ad Special Edition

The Master of Search is a novel reader on the Android platform,The Master of Sogou is a search tool for all-network novels,Support for horizontal、Seven,Genesis,17K and dozens of other novel sites of novel search,And the search master also supports the whole cache local,Instantly when there is no net can still enjoy reading a novel,The accompanying source almost includes books across the web.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Master of Search,A software that can view web-wide fiction through it,See all types of novels at any time with the Master of Search app,For the convenience of your reading,Easy to see your online novels

Book source super many,No ads,If the book source has an advertisement can purify,See the picture specifically!Text,Typesetting,Background picture all support customization,Eye-protected blue light filtering allows you to choose your own adjustment。

The search master also has the source scanning function of the novel,You can quickly scan out,Which sources have been updated to what chapters。so you can follow up and read the novel.


Update the log:

Update the source of the book
Customisable reading toolbar keys
Two-page mode compatible with vertical mode/fit folding phone
Post-related pages add sliding back
Book list to add label properties and types
Book details add words/update date/type and other information
Point user avatar to see the user's recent developments
Posting|Follow-up content supports HTML style


Version description:


Special instructions

Unlocking svip loginist is permanent

Optimised layout to remove margin lines

Add 13 reading backgrounds

No ad cloud backup casually


Remove software launch page ads

Unlock software SVIP identity

Login is SVIP

Due 2099

Stripping software advertising SDK


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