Android e-book reader FullReader v4.2.3 build 212 Special Professional Edition

FullReader is an e-reader on Android。FullReader is a versatile e-book reader app。It is suitable for opening PDF and DjVu files、Magazine、Comic,Also suitable for listening to audio books and processing documents on smartphones and tablets。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

FullReader is a versatile e-book reader app。It is suitable for opening PDF and DjVu files、Magazine、Comic,Also suitable for listening to audio books and processing documents on smartphones and tablets。
Support format
fb2, ePub, txt, Pdf, doc, docx, Cbr, cbz, Rtf, DjVu, DjV, Html, Htm, mobi, Xps, oxps, odt, rar, Zip, 7Z, MP3.
Convenient and stylish interface
This Android book reader has a friendly interface,Clear navigation,Easy layout of all options and tools。Choose a classic bright theme or a new black theme,This is for energy-efficient AMOLED displays。Choose how to display the cover of a book - in a list or thumbnail。
The e-book reader section is convenient、Well-structured book classification basis and other standards。It provides an option to create a list of the ollections collection and your personal books。
Built-in translation
Translator integrated into FullReader,Support for 95 languages,No need to install any language with dictionary。
Cloud storage
FullReader offers with Google Drive、Integration of Dropbox and OneDrive,This allows you to save storage space on your smartphone or tablet,and synchronize books across multiple devices。
Customizable toolbar
Benefit from this e-book reader option and a variety of customizable parameters:TTS Engine、Reading speed and tone、The speech and highlight color of the current reading text clip。
File management
Enjoy the convenient explorer,Allows scanning device memory and finding all supported file formats,Search books based on various criteria and consider additional parameters,And benefit from the operation of a full-featured toolset and files。
My library.
Book information
This section contains detailed book information,Basic operation of the book tool,and allowed to edit and add new information。
Notes and bookmarks
Create colored notes that highlight important pieces in text,Make bookmarks on interesting pages!Manage all notes and bookmarks in a special menu for the Read window or the Book Reader application。All notes are grouped by book,Can be exported to a separate document。Now bookmarks can also be added to audiobooks!
Day/Night Mode
FullReader provides the best color scheme for reading windows,Allows you to enjoy your favorite eBooks during different days。There is also an option to allow automatic switching of setting mode。
Click on the area
Set up fast access to some options and tools for e-book reader applications during reading。
Set up
This reading app provides a wide range of settings,Divided into fast(Available in the reading window),Advanced and General。Brightness control options are expressed as widgets,You can call the widget directly in the reading window。
Use this Android book reader to add your favorite online library,and download the books you need directly
FullReader supports audiobooks in MP3 format。You can play audiobooks not only,You can also make bookmarks while playing,Create your own playlists and control the entire reading process。
Widgets and book shortcuts
Create book shortcuts and use widgets to quickly navigate from your device's display to the reading window。
This Android e-reader has been completely adapted,and translated into popular languages around the world:Russian、Ukrainian、English、German、French、Spanish、Portuguese、Italian、Vietnamese。


Update the log:

✅ Simplified mode of TTS representation to conveniently listen audiobooks in the car or on the move.
✅ Opportunity to create text notes with voice recording.
✅ The chance to specify the quantity of books, displayed in recents and collections, Within the settings.
✅ Possibility to choose language on the application settings.
✅ Improved the stability of data synchronization between diverse devices.


Version description:

1、Advanced features unlocked
2、Disabled/removed unwanted permissions , receivers and services
3、Google Analytics / Crashlytics deactivated


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