Android Music Player Stellio Player v5.11.3 Pro Crack

Stellio Player is a music player on Android。Now Love Green Soft brings Android music player Stellio Player Pro Crack edition has been updated to 5.11.3

Stellio Player is an advanced player,Powerful sound,Support topics,Various sound settings。Love Green Soft

Application instructions:

Why Stellio?
Stellio is an advanced player,Powerful sound,Support topics,Various sound settings。
The main goal of development is to get the highest quality sound。This goal is achieved by introducing a powerful audio engine,The engine controls 12-band equalizers and a variety of audio effects。Players are completely free to operate,Use manually or via presets。
Crossfade makes sound more pleasant – Switch smoothly from one song to another。 Gapless is the opposite.,There is no minimum gap between playback tracks。

In addition to the powerful settings,Players have many different useful abilities.:
– Sleep timer。Set the sleep timer to a certain amount of tracks or minutes。
– A large number of settings,Such as a list animation or a lock screen
– Widgets and notifications。Change the appearance of widgets and notifications。
– Select the cover page。Use easy to search for covers from the Internet or trust it to players。
– The best sound。Play music at high resolution。
– Many audio formats。In addition to the popular audio formats,Also supports FLAC,MP3,CUE,APE,M4A, etc.。
– Android Wear Support。Control the music in your watch,Select a track,No need to remove the phone from your pocket!
– Lyrics。View lyrics from the Internet,You can then access it offline。
– Edit labels。Place names in order with the help of a convenient label editor。
– Music category。Through the album,Artist,Genres or folders to play music。
– Convenient control。Switch tracks with headphones,Shake your phone or press the volume button。

The player's functionality is packaged in the most convenient interface。We pay special attention to design – Every detail is well thought out.。Unique feature is to change the color of the element to match the cover of the track,to immerse yourself more deeply in the music scene。Because of this,,The chameleon is Stellio's sign.。
For those who want to exceed the standard look,You can choose different interfaces in other topics,It's not just a color change.,It's about completely reincarnation the player's look!
Enjoy unparalleled sound from your pocket。 Stellio is the perfect app for Android。Sound quality cannot be described in words,So it's time to open the player for yourself and enjoy the power of Hi-Res-quality music。


Update the log:

Huge update is here
1. Dark version of the white theme is eded. Also there's a to change it to system night mode
2. New way to support our job – All inclusive purchase. Go to the Stellio Store and you will see it! ❤️
3. Start play on the headset plug even if the player is closed
4. Notification when new tracks are edd
5. Many bug fixes


Version description:

1、Advanced features to unlock – No additional keyrequiring required;
2、Unwanted permissions, receivers and services are disabled/deleted;
3、Analytics / Crashlytics retired;


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