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GOM Audio Plus is a high-quality and ad-free music player,Allows simultaneous lyrics to play music files at the same time.。Users who view the lyrics can listen to music.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

GOM Audio Plus is a high-quality and ad-free music player,Allows simultaneous lyrics to play music files at the same time (S)。
Users who view the lyrics can listen to music.。In addition,,They can play with downloading popular podcast programs.,And in GOM Audio plus cloud music.。

[Key features)]
GoM Audio offers two other sensational themes.,It allows users to maintain their screens while playing music.。
(Gesture steam function.):Tapping sync lyrics for a long time/ GOM Audio's screen will be converted to sync lyrics viewer.,When the user taps the sync lyrics or album cover.,Users can turn sync lyrics on/off)
The GOM Audio Plus offers a wide range of widgets.,Allows users to create their own build-up about dimensions.,Features (Lyric Sync/Quick Play),color and others.。
Smart lock screens offer a variety of features.,Includes the hold screen function.,Lyrics sync.,Quick play and current playlists.
The Lyricsync browser allows users to view or search for music currently playing in sync lyrics.。
(Gesture steam function.):If the user scans the screen GOM Audio Plus will play on/next music/user can select certain locations of the music to their liking.,Just double-click some lyrics)
The Sync Lyrics Editing feature allows users to register or temporarily edit the saved lyrics after signing up for the sync lyrics.。
The GOM ID allows users to manage their own registered sync lyrics.。In addition GOM ID allows users to sync their podcast subscriptions on to their personal computers.。
The GOM Audio Plus provides a powerful 10 band equalizer sound.,It also offers different sound effects.,Includes, but is not limited to reverb.,Play speed control and paddle control.。
The user can make up.,Save and manage the equalizer.,and in the reverb effect of the show.。
Podcasts allow users to stream and download popular channels in real time.。
GoM Audio plus program updates (one or more) for your favorite channels to notify users。
My music lets users manage preferences.,Artist,Playlists of albums and folders.。
GoM Audio Plus allows users to manage a variety of basic playlists.。In addition,,Users can create their own playlists.,By adding my playlist.。
Dropbox supported by GOM Audio Plus.,Google Drive and OneDrive Cloud Storage Systems.。 GOM Audio Plus also supports WebDAV and FTP.。
Fast playback allows users to play or change music on a widget or lock screen.,Applications that are not running.。
Automatic repetition is for streaming and academic purposes.。
The timer allows the user to adjust the automatic shutdown function in hours/minutes per second.。
My Ringtones allow users to convert certain songs to his or her ringtones.。
M. / V allows the user to view the music video of the currently playing song.。


Update the log:

– The Thaneous bug fixes.


Version description:

Direct installation for use


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