Android Music Player Poweramp v3-build-874 Direct Special Edition

Poweramp is a premium player for Android systems。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Poweramp is a premium player for Android systems。

Poweramp v3 is for the latest audio engine、Major updates to the UI and navigation

The latest audio engine:
Support for opus、tak、mka、dsd dsf/dff format
- Gap-free smoothing
Support for high-fidelity output (as long as the device supports this feature)
The latest DSP,Includes updated equalizer/tone/stereo extension,and the latest Reverb/Tempo effects
Internal 64-bit processing
The latest configurable per output option
The latest configurable resamplers、Jitter options
30/50/100 volume (Settings/Audio/Advanced Adjustment)

New UI:
New menu、Panel、Pop-ups、Dialogs, etc.
New "wave" search bar,Static processing is also available through the Skin option
Includes light and dark skin,Both have Pro Buttons and Static Seekbar options
New notifications
Visualization (support.milk presets and spectrum)
As mentioned earlier,,Third-party skin available (v2 skin incompatible)

New navigation:
Swipe left/right from the list to quickly return
Pinch-pull zoom list
Drop down or click album cover to go to the current playlist
As mentioned earlier,,Slide album cover for next/previous track,Drag more category changes (also for bottom mini player)
Use the bottom mini player to return to the main interface or change tracks
Press and hold on to the items on the selection menu

Key features:
– Download scarce album covers
– Auto-submit options
– Tag Editor
– 4 Class configurable small windows
– Support for MP3、MP4/M4A (including ALAC)、OGG、Wma、Flac、Wav、APE、WV、TTA、Mpc、AIFF、OPUS、TAK、MKA、Playback in DSD DSF/DFF format
– 10 Segment Optimization Graphic Equalizer,Available for all support formats、Pre-tuned device、Custom pre-tuned unit
– Powerful Bass and Treble stand-alone adjustment
– Stereo-amplified sound、Mono Blend、Balance adjustment
– Slip conversion
– Seamless playback
– Play Gain Function
– Support m3u、m3u8、Pls、wpl playlist
– Android Auto support
– Support for Lyrics,Includes Lyrics search from musiXmatch plug-in
– Support for embedded and stand-alone .cue files
– Songs can be played in folders and in your own music library
– Dynamic sorting
– Configurable lock screen with optional Direct Unlock
– Support for headsets and/or BT connections,Automatic recovery (can be disabled in settings)
– Visibility topics,Includes support for external/third-party skin
– Music Library Quick Scan
– High level customization through setup


Update the log:

Hi-Res support for Snapdragon 865
New options:Follow the day/night pattern,Increased resolution,Never clear when adding, etc.
The track menu is reorganized
Improved gapless for iTunes mp3
The equalizer button on the navigation bar opens the preset
Poweramp API Improvements
Improved LHDC/HWA detection
Bug fixes and stability improvements
Translation updates,Added Dutch


Version description:

Full-featured installation


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