Android SD Card Speed SD Test Test Pro v1.8.1 Special Lying Edition

SD Card Test Pro is an SD card speed measurement tool on Android。Now love green soft for everyone to bring the Android SD card speed SD Card Test Pro special straight version has been updated to v1.8.1

SD Card Test Pro is the best SD card testing tool! The speed of internal or external storage that can be tested! Measure the speed of your internal storage,Also validate swritten data:Damage disainor or counterfeit card detection。

Description of the app:

Test with the best SD card! Test the speed of internal or external storage!
No ads!
Easy to use,Even for beginners。Quick test。

✔ measure the speed of your external (removable) SD card
✔ measure the speed of your internal storage
✔ validate swritten data:Damage disainor or counterfeit card detection
✔ read/write tests using several different combinations。
✔ custom benchmark
✔ detect storage types and classes
✔ support like EXT4,exFAT or FAT / FAT32 Several File Systems。
✔ support portable,Storage and

The test is not destructive,But during the measurement process will consume a lot of space temporarily。

How to use it:
First select the type of storage you want to test it。You can choose between internal or external storage。
If the application can't detect any SD cards,Then it displays a "store undetectable" message,But you can still browse it manually (if the SD card in your device)。
After the storage type you selected,Choose between writing and reading tests,But always run a write test first。
On the first tab (dashboard),you can see the speedofer speed.,And on the visual tab,You can view current and average speeds on the graph。

Once the test is complete,Results tab,You can examine data like processing,Storage path,Details of the running time or speed。
In addition,,The application here will detect the type of your internal storage (e.g. eMMC or UFS) and will detect class SD cards (e.g. level 10),UHS-I U1,V10)。
The important thing is,The application calculates these based on speed,So at least 4 READS OR WRITES TO DATA FOR AT LEAST 10 SECONDS OF GB,Otherwise the results may be misleading。
At last,You can easily share results with a one-click approach。

For professionals:
In the Settings panel,You can resize a file (S),Read/Write,You can change the number of files (between 1-10)。

I'm glad to know.:
✔ if the SD card uses FAT / FAT32 File System,Maximum file size can be 4 GB,Don't set it higher,Instead of using multiple files。If you're going to use a larger file,Format the SD card's exFAT (mainly,You can do it using a computer.,Don't forget that the old phone doesn't support it)。
✔ if format SD card as storage adoption,The app can't access it directly。In this case,,Or move the storage available to the app (change the installation storage),or format storage as portable storage。


Update the log:

Added auto-detection function for SD card
Save device name in result
Fixed several language translations
Moved “remove temporary files” button to a better position
Fixed report generation (export)


Version description:(@balatan)

1、No need for LPs or Google Play Moded
2、Direct installation is ready for use


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