Android Games Dead Knight v1.0.20 Chinese Hanhua Modification Special Edition

Ghost rider is an action game on Android.。Now love green soft for everyone to bring the Android game Dead Soul KnightChinese Hanhua modification special edition has been updated. v1.0.20.

The only thing you need in the Dead Knight is your skill.。If you want to check your skills,,Only use your skills to play this game.。The Dead Knight did not escalate.。No gear!

Description of the app:

The only thing you need is your skills.。
If you want to check your skills,,
Try the game now.。

▶ introduction ◀.
Resurrection after death.。
There is a knight and a lady's tombstone.
In the mirage of space.。
The night came with the sound of the wheels.,
Those who were led to the tombstone came close.
Knights fought them alone at night.。
There is no end to death in this night.……

▶ ◀.
Only use your skills to play this game.。There are no upgrades.。No gear!
This game has the option to reduce the difficulty.。But,Don't expect too much from this.。
If absent-minded.,The weakest enemy can kill you.。
77All 36 enemies in the field will try to kill you.。
14The boss is also waiting to fight with you.。
In addition,,The game has multiple endings.。So,We suggest you fight many times.。
We need hundreds of deaths to clear the border.,Because our technology is not good.。
We think you can pass customs more easily.。
The gamepad comes with a basic controller.。

▶ ◀ of consideration.
This game is offline.。
You can't transfer the saved data to another phone.。


Update the log:

Fix : Game run error..
(I'm sosorry.)

[New Function.]
eternal blessing. – This blessing raises all ableies fore..


Version description:(My love is special)

Free,Modified.,Root is not required.
Modify a lot of hate values.


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