Android Xiaomi Bracelet Tool Mi Group v4.1.0 Pro Special Edition

Mi Globe is a Xiaomi bracelet tool on Android,Now love green soft for everyone to bring Android Xiaomi bracelet tool Mi Group Professional Special Edition has been updated tov4.1.0

Xiaomi Bracelet Tool Mi Group,Xiaomi Bracelet ToolMiOverAPP is a very good mobile phone xiaomi bracelet management software,Users can link the software to Xiaomi bracelets,Always see your health data like steps。

Description of the app:

Supported devices:
– Xiaomi Mi Band 3
– Xiaomi Mi Band 2
– Xiaomi Mi Band HRX
– Amazfit Bip (Pace Lite Youth)
– Amazfit Band 2 (A1713)
– Amazfit Cor (MiDong)
– Amazfit Arc

Mi Group requires you to install the official Mi Fit app on your phone first。First paired with a bracelet in a xiaomi movement before you can use this app。
If you have connectivity problems:
– Lock this app in the nearest app screen (Drop down and tap the icon)
– Battery settings/battery optimization: Set Mi Group to Unoptimized
– Settings/Developer Options:
– Don't keep active: Ban
– Background process restrictions: Standard
– Memory optimization: Medium/Low/Disabled
– If you're having trouble syncing your Mi Fit app,Please install BToolkit,nRF Connect or similar Bluetooth management applications,and delete all pairings.

If the problem still doesn't solve:
– Restart your phone
– Email me.

– Show battery status,Estimated time remaining
– Show caller information for carriers and Internet phones
– In Mi Band2 / There's a signal on Amazfit that says missed calls
– Answer on the bracelet (no hand ring calls can be used),Reject or mute calls
– Automatic multilingual conversion
– Show notificationcontentfortheof for the app on the bracelet
– Show common Emoji emoticons

Function when the bracelet is broken:
– Show icons and vibrate
– Play ringtones on your device,Vibration,Light up the screen
– Change the volume
– Device monitoring agent:You can find out if someone has moved your phone when you're away (wake up screen) by notification on your device or handring prompt,Boot,Moving)

Functionwhen the bracelet is connected:
– Change the volume
– Bracelet vibration
– Light up the screen
– Wake-up on screen
– Signal immediately upon receipt of a notification
– Show missed notifications when you reconnect to your device
– Reminder notifications and repeat intervals
– Notification only when the screen is off
– Enable or disable ongoing notifications

Notification monitoring:
– Individually configured for notifications for each app
– Show notifications for apps on the bracelet
– It takes longer to see each display icon or vibration

Touch monitoring(Use the touch button):
– Call Answer,Hands-free (close running music apps when headphones are connected,Otherwise the concert continues to play ( not all devices are supported)
– Refuse to answer,Hang up (not all devices support)
– Exhalation
– Start timer/stopwatch/interval,Show time left/time elapsed
– Find my device.
– Repeat cell phone notifications on bracelets
– Switch call mute
– Control the music player (playback),Time out,Next,Previous Song,Up/down volume,Show music track information)
– Tasker Task Manager
– Photo
– Launching an application

Sleep monitoring:
– Daily/Weekly Chart:Show measurements

Time monitoring:
– Signal when the phone alarms.
– Alarm settings
– Timer:Alarm type,Remind,Bracelet Remaining Time Display
– Stopwatch:Alarm type,Remind,Time,Single time record,This time is displayed in the bracelet
– Interval:Timer for intermittent training

Amazfit Bip/Cor:
– Detect facial changes

Step monitoring:
– Daily/Weekly/Monthly Chart:Show measurements
– More goals can be set

Heart rate monitoring:
– Can be set:Monitor inge signal,Show heart rate,Low heart rate signal,High heart rate signal,Start/End Time,Repeat interval,Effective low/high value
– Show current heart rate
– Daily/Weekly/Monthly Chart:Show measurements

Loss monitoring:
– Time period signal:When the specified time period goes by, you'll be reminded
– Device signal:If the specified time period is over,If there is no connection to the bracelet,The device sends a signal repeatedly。This will make it easier to find the device。

Agent log:
– View events detected by the device monitoring agent


Update the log:

– touch: Weather forecast and GPS updates
– Mi Smart Band 4: Synchronize notifications between phone and smartwatch when deleting notifications (notifications/custom-events/settings)
– Mi Smart Band 4: Bluetooth 5 support


Version description:

1、Advanced features unlocked

2、Disabled/removed unwanted permissions , receivers and services

3、Google Analytics / Crashlytics deactivated


Download the address:

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