Android PDF Scanner Adobe Scan v19.07.25

Adobe Scan is a PDF scanner on android。Now Love Green Soft brings you an Android PDF scanner Adobe Scan has been updated tov19.07.25

Adobe Scan PDF is a scanner application,Adobe Scan lets your device become a powerful and auto-identify text (Ocr) Portable PDF Scanner。 This mobile document scanner is capable of putting anything (e.g.,Receipt、Notes、Document、Photo、Business cards and whiteboards) converted to Adobe PDF,And allows you to reuse text in each PDF and photo scan。

Description of the app:

With the free Adobe Scan PDF Scanner app,Your device can be turned into a powerful device that automatically recognizes text (Ocr) Portable PDF Scanner。

This mobile document scanner is capable of putting anything (e.g.,Receipt、Notes、Document、Photo、Business cards and whiteboards) converted to Adobe PDF,And allows you to reuse text in each PDF and photo scan。

How it works:

With the Adobe Scan Scanner app,You can change everything to scanable content。Use this PDF scanner,Quickly create photo scans or PDF scans。

Capture。This mobile PDF scanner can scan everything accurately。Advanced image technology automatically detects borders、Sharpen scanned content and recognize text (Ocr)。

Enhanced。You can modify photos in a scan or camera roll。Whether it's PDF scan or photo scan,You can preview、Reordering、Cutting、Rotating and adjusting colors。

Reuse。Convert your scanned photos to high-quality Adobe PDFs,to identify by automatic text (Ocr) Feature unlock text。With OCR,You can reuse text in each PDF scan。

What can Adobe Scan do for you?

Adobe Scan document scanners are easy to use,And it's powerful.,As your PDF scanner, it's a good one!
Reuse content。Adobe Scan PDF scanners turn anything scannable and reusable。Recognition with free built-in optical characters (Ocr) Function,You can create high-quality PDFs that can be used in Adobe Acrobat Reader,Reusing scanned text and content。
Scan anything from anywhere。With this mobile PDF scanner,You can capture forms、Receipt、Notes and business cards。The Adobe Scan Scanner app even allows you to scan and save multi-page documents with one click。
Do more, anytime, anywhere。You can save each PDF scan to Adobe Document Cloud,instant access and sharing。Even lengthy legal documents,It also makes it easy to manage and scan with Adobe Scan scanner applications,This in turn makes it easy for you to search、Select and copy its text。In addition,,You can also open a PDF scan in Acrobat Reader,to highlight key parts and add comments。
Quickly find documents in photos。This powerful scanner app automatically finds documents and receipts in your photos,and convert them to PDF scans,Save you a lot of tedious operation。Automatic OCR turns text into content that can be edited and reused。
Keeping the service connected。Adobe Scan Document Scanner lets you connect to the world's best document services,to do more on your PDF。Edit PDF and photo scans、Convert to A Microsoft Office document、Fill in and sign,and send and track signatures.。


Update the log:

Performance and stability.


Version description:

Google play version


Download the address: Extract code:g8ty


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