Android Video Editing Video Production YouCut v1.313.77 Paid Pro

YouCut is a video editor on the Android platform.、Movie production app.。Now Love Green Soft brings you an Android video editing video production YouCut Paid Pro has been updated.v1.313.77.

YouCut is a great video editing and compression tool, Easily edit YouTube videos and other social media videos with YouCut.: Shear,Trim,Transcode.,Add music,Apply the effect.,Grab the video frame.,Share your videos in high quality!

Description of the app:

YouCut. – Best video editing and compression tools., Easily edit YouTube videos and other social media videos with YouCut.:
Shear,Trim,Transcode.,Add music,Apply the effect.,Grab the video frame.,Share your videos in high quality!

Free&No watermark!

Key features:

Edit videos for free.
YouCut covers not only all the core features of professional video editing software.,And it's completely free.,No ads.:)

Video is multi-scale.
Supports video multi-scale.,Like what 1:1, 16:9, 3:2Wait a minute,Make sure that the video screen is not cropped.。

No ad editing.
When you're editing a video.,The screen does not have interference ads.。

Video Merge&Video stitching.
Merge and stitch multiple video clips.,Make a full video.。YouCut is a professional YouTube video production software.,Merge compressed video.,No damage to video quality.。

Video clips&Video cut
Clip cuts the video to the desired length.,Export HD video.,Easy-to-use YouTube video editing software.。

Video Split&Video segmentation.
Split&Split the video as a small clip.,Easy to make stitched videos.。

Video speed.
New fast and slow play feature.,Add video filters and effects at the same time.,Adjust the video speed.。
Speed up the video speed.,Make video more interesting.。
Slow down the video.,Record special moments.。

No watermark.
As a free YouTube video clip and production software., YouCut never watermarks your videos.。

Video music.
Add music to the video.,Meet your video production needs in all directions.。
1.Add YouCut's selection of music.。
2.Add your phone's local music.。
3.Adjust the volume of videos and music.。

Video filters&Video effects
Add a movie effect filter to the video.,Create a large atmosphere.。

Video color tints.
Adjust the setting sized video.,Contrast,saturation and so on.。Custom create situ for filters and effects.。

Video background
Add a variety of backgrounds to your videos.。
1.Add a video background color.。
2.The white background is more matched with the social media app.,More fusion.,Like Instagram.。
3.Black background.,Create a large atmosphere.。
4.Don't like a solid background? You can also add a fuzzy background.。

Video compression.&Video conversion
1.Select the resolution to compress and convert the video.。HD video production and video compression software.。
2. YouCut. – Professional video production software.,Up to 4K resolution is supported.。
3. YouCut uses advanced technology to improve the quality of conversion videos.,Save 90% of your phone space and keep your video HD.。

The video flips.
1. Flip the video up and down.。
2. Flip video left and right。

Video cropping.
Custom scale crop video.。Zoom the video.。

Video rotation.
90Degree Rotation Video。

Video sharing.
Share videos to social media apps.,Like YouTube., Instagram, Facebook and so on.。

Merge,Shear,Clip,Split,Compression,Slow down. (Video speed from 0.5x to 2.0x.), Add music,Use FX effects.,Full size.,Share it to YouTube… Don't damage video quality!


Update the log:

* More text styles..
* Import fonts..
* Add a new music series..
* Other bug fixes and UI changes..


Version description:(@srajawwal09)

PRO function unlocked


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