Android Micro Note WeNote v2.39 Paid Premium

WeNote is a simple notepad on Android。Now love green soft for everyone to bring Android micro-noteS WeNote paid premium has been updated tov2.39

WeNote is the easiest notepad to use.,You can quickly create color notes with WeNote,List to be done,Reminders and calendars support color memorabilia,List to be done,Reminders and calendars。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

The most simple and easy-to-use notepad on all planet。

Micro-notes are easy to use。 You can quickly create color notes,List to be done,Reminders and calendars。

You can use the PIN,Pattern,Password or fingerprint lock notes and checklists,To protect confidential information。

Make a note of the memo.,Note,Email,Phone,Newsletter,Cooking Recipes,Shopping list,When the to-do list,You'll immediately feel like this is the easiest and most useful notepad on Earth.。?
Even without an internet connection,Micro-notes work perfectly。No sign-in required。
At this stage,,To give you the best user experience,Micro notes are completely free and ad-free。

Create color notes and to-do lists
Use labels and colors for finishing
The picture acts as an attachment
The completed to-do list will be moved to the lowest point
• 2 Different font types
Two clicks to edit
Secure sync to Google Drive
Local backup and restore
• 5 Different font sizes
Note-list desktop gadgets (advanced features)
Easy-to-post desktop gadgets
Quickly add desktop gadgets
Reminders and day-to-day
Support for the Lunar New Year
Advanced reminders。Can be set daily,Weekly,Monthly,Repeat and customize each year
Drag and move
• 4 Different topics。Roman Coffee,Mine,French Rose,Dark
• 5 Different browsing modes
• 6 Different sorting modes
• 12 Color selection
Share notes and attachments to your email,RM2,Social networking and messaging apps
Accept shared notes and attachments from other apps
Seamlessly switch between notes and to-do lists
Quick search
Drawing and handwriting as attachments
Audio recording (advanced features)
Via PIN,Pattern,Password or fingerprint lock notes and checklists
Via PIN,Pattern,Password or fingerprint lock app

Advanced features
Color: Unlimited number of colors for notes,Listing,Label
The theme: 6 Beautiful color theme。Cotton,Lavender,Lemon,Strawberry,Sky,Avocado
Recordings: Unlimited recordings
A list of notes: Note List Gadgets。View all your notes directly on the home screen,Upcoming reminders

Storage space: In order to store from the equipment,Add a picture as an attachment
Contact: If you contact customer support through the feedback form in the app,This is to get a reply email address.。Customer support can be emailed,Reply to your question
Prevents mobile phones from being put on standby,Execute on start-up: The need for reminders

Data reliability
We value data reliability very much。We offer 2 A reliable way,to make sure you never lose any notes,To-do list or picture attachment。
Secure sync to Google Drive: That's the way we highly recommend it.,To avoid data loss。After sync,The data will be stored in the Google Drive App Data folder。For safety reasons,People can't see the Google Drive App Data folder。
Local backup and restore: If you're on storing data in Google Drive,Privacy considerations,You can use this method to avoid data loss。Even after uninstalling micro-notes,Data will remain on your device。
Of course,You can also enable both。

Cloud storage
About our plan to provide alternative cloud storage,We recommend that you read the Privacy Policy –

Desktop Gadgets
Hold and hold the desktop home screen,You can choose between easy-to-snap desktop gadgets and quickly add desktop gadgets。

Google Calendar
Micro-note calendar sits out with Google Calendar。Micro-note calendars operate independently,Don't rely on Google Calendar。

Reminders,Not reliable on a specific device。This is because they take an overly aggressive battery management model,Block reminders from operating in the background。If you want to alert for reliable operation,Please turn off these "battery functions",Allow micro-notes to operate in the background。
See To get a solution。

First of all,You need to select a PIN,Pattern or password as lock type。If you've configured your fingerprint on your device,Fingerprint is automatically enabled。A small fingerprint icon appears in the upper right corner of the lock screen dialog box。

At present,Automatic sync is only available for a single device。For multiple devices,You need to perform manual sync by clicking "Point Sync" in "Settings"。In the near future.,We're going to improve on these deficiencies.。

Backups are stored at '/sdcard/com.yocto.wenote/backup'。


Update the log:

Feature: Support Thai sit.
Feature: Support Indonesia sit.
Bugfix: Several crash fixes.


Version description:

Advanced features unlocked、


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