Android To-Do list Todoist v14.4.0 Special Premium

Todoist is an to-do list for work and day-to-day task management on the Android platform。Now Love Green Soft brings the Android to-do list Todoist Special Premium has been updated tov14.4.0

Life can make you anxious.,But you don't have to.。Todoist lets you follow everything up,Small to daily chores,Big to Hongtu Weiye,This way you can easily complete them and enjoy the quiet time that follows。

Application instructions:

Life can make you anxious.,But you don't have to.。

Todoist lets you follow everything up,Small to daily chores,Big to Hongtu Weiye,This way you can easily complete them and enjoy the quiet time that follows。

When you don't have to worry about forgetting anything,You'll be calmer、Confidence、Actively accomplish your goals。

Todoist helps you move all tasks from your mind to your Android phone, anytime, anywhere、Tablet、Desktop and web browser sit-on-the-list,They'll sync in real time on these your favorite devices,It doesn't matter if you're offline.。

Todoist is the best to-do list app available。It can be used on any platform you can think of。It's simple.、Convenient、Easy to use,Let seasily and quickly complete tasks on your to-do list。- The Verge

Using Todoist,You can:
View your daily and weekly achievements with custom color graphs。
Record and organize tasks that flashed through your mind to your to-do list。For example,Write down "watering plants every Thursday at 9 a.m. #杂务.",Todoist automatically sets up a task in your project," Chores, and alerts you every Thursday at 9 a.m.。
Use color-specific priorities to highlight the most important activities of your day。
Remember important deadlines and use circular due dates to develop long-term habits,For example, "Monday every other week"。
Assign tasks and chores to others in shared projects to relieve your stress。

You can make Todoist your main planning center for completing your tasks,It can be linked to more than 60 popular apps,Like Dropbox.、Amazon Alexa、Zapier、IFTTT and Slack。

Even teams and small businesses can use Todoist to complete their task management。From stand-alone tasks to multi-stage projects,Todoist Business lets your team see what needs to be done in real time on any platform。

Todoist is permanently free.,However, you can also choose to upgrade to Todoist Premium at any time。With Todoist Premium,You'll have unlimited access to a variety of powerful task management features,They will help you be positive and confident and achieve your goals faster。

Todoist is a powerful to-do list app,It meets all your needs for it.。Android Authority

At the end of the day,,You can rest with peace of mind、Relax and recharge for tomorrow,Because you know your task manager has all the plans and plans for you。

Join the 10 million people who are using Todoist.,Let Todoist help you get the job done and feel a calm and confident life。


Update the log:

You'll only open open a link when you tap on the task text (and when not you tap on other parts of the task anymore).
You can set a date using "for x days" again.
Section will will titles not take up more than one line line.
If you close Todoist with search open open, You will no longer experience a crash when when open open Todoist a few hours later.
Some small bug fixes and keeps to keep Todoist smooth runningly.


Version description:(@Dogadaevznet)

1、Advanced features to unlock

2、Analysis deactivated

3、Google code deleted

4、Email notifications or Facebook notifications stop。


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