Android Video Image Goes Watermark Remove & Add Watermark v2.3Lite Go Ad Edition

Remove. & Add Watermark is a video image de-watering tool on android.。Now love green soft for everyone to bring Android video pictures to watermark Remove. & Add Watermark Go Ad Edition has been updated.v2.3Lite.

Remove. & Add Watermark removes watermarks from videos or pictures.。The operation is simple.,It's easy to get used to.。

Description of the app:

How to use
Once the application is launched.,It displays the option to select an image or video.
Select.,You'll be asked if you want to remove or add a logo.
If you select the REMOVE LOGO option.,Then you'll be on a screen with previews and adjustable rectangles.,It contains actions (specifying more than 1 LOGOS) to specify the logo area.,In this screen you will see here you can click the Custom Duration button to specify the duration to apply the filter.。You can also select the zoom option and pinch it with your finger to better select the small LOGO area.。
If you select the ADD LOGO option.,Then you'll go to the screen.,It contains the option to add text or images.,You can also customize each option here.,For example, change the font.,Text,
Color,size or rotation.。
You can also use prefabricated images as LOGO.,You can also save specific settings as templates.,These templates can be applied to different images or videos.。
Press the Save button.,Wait for the process to complete and view or share the results.。
All exports are saved in the Remove LOGO folder in the SD card root directory.。You can also use the My Gallery screen to view files that have been processed.


How to improve the quality of the processed video.
In the edit screen (you specify logo areas and other components).,There is a gear icon in the upper right corner.,Please use the slowest speed that you have patience with.,and improve video quality.。
How to save my logo settings as a template.
Define all logo settings (images).,text) after.,Click the gear icon in the upper right corner to open the settings screen.,Then click Save Template – >Provide the template name.,You're done.。
What is prefabricated LOGO.
These are the images that come with the app.,Can be added as LOGO.,You can load from the settings screen.。
If there are more LOGO to remove.,Use the action button at the corner of the adjustable rectangle to specify another LOGO area.。
Which video formats are supported.
Mainly mp4.,But your video is in any other format.,Then it transcodes to mp4.。


Update the log:

Fixed design issue for watermark animation. & screen duration in small screen devices..


Version description:

Remove all ads


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