Android Calendar Pro Business Calendar 2 Pro v2.38.1 Paid Special Edition

Business Calendar is a calendar pro on android。Now Love Green Soft brings you Android Calendar Pro Business Calendar 2 Pro Paid Special Edition has been updated tov2.38.1

Business Calendar Pro adds weather forecast situ in day view、Support Stopering to move or copy events in multi-day views、Supports auto-filling of titles with history、Location, participants, etc.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Business Calendar Pro is the latest version of our calendar software。

Professional Add-on Features:
▪ drag-and-drop feature moves or copies events in multi-day views
▪ Autofill Titles with History、Location and participants
▪ day view added weather forecast
▪ To contact for active link
▪ Quickly create a new activity with a template
▪ Import、Export activities(.Ical, .Ics)
▪ Add-on Style/Add-On Calendar Component Settings Options
▪ Custom text size
▪ Optional light and dark styles
▪ Multiple quick deletes in the calendar、Move or copy multiple events
▪ event reminder sathing options such as repeating reminders or setting custom alarms for your calendar)
▪ Additional task features such as duplicate tasks、Branch tasks and prioritization)
▪ No Ads

Performance Overview:
▪ allows sync with Android calendar software such as Google Calendar and Exchange
▪ Support for local calendars and tasks
▪ Diversity Reminder
▪、Week、Day、Small components of the calendar and task view
▪ Activity Planning and Task Management
▪ 6 views:Month view、Week view、Day view、The calendar、Year view and task list
▪ Real-time Search

Added heat map to ▪ year view (for quickly finding available dates)
▪ Optional Continuous Countdown Alerts Recent Events
▪ Simple regional activities and tasks
▪ Quickly switch months with simple gestures、Week and day views
▪ Scrollable、Zoomed 1-14-day multi-day view
▪ Send and answer meeting invitations quickly and easily
▪ Event Reminders Are Customizable,Each action can be opened directly (e.g. later a reminder)、Open the map or email participants)
▪ Quickly switch bar and text interfaces in monthview
▪ Pop seisuing event details directly in the month view
▪ Quickly display or hide your calendar with your favorite calendar strips
▪ attached a task plan,Sync with Google Worksheet
▪ Flexible settings for repetitive activities

▪ you can set the view as you want (day、Week、Month、year and calendar view)
▪ you can use the default component style or set your own component details
▪ Colors for calendars and events
▪ Diversified custom components、Activities、The look and function of tasks and reminders
▪ Preview all calendar components in real time

▪ a locally adapted help system
▪ have a problem.,Search our database


Update the log:

– mark events as cancelled and rethemschedule later on
– advanced actions mode in pop monthup to quickly copy, delete, reschedule and cancel events
– Share your Google calendars with other people
– show ongo on on lock screen
– sbug fixes and changes


Version description:

Direct installation is ready for use


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