NSIS Simple Packing Tool v3.1.0.1

NSIS Simple Packing Tool is an extremely good bag software。Now love green soft for everyone to bring the NSIS simple packing tool has been updated to v3.1.1

The NSIS Single File Sealing Tool is now renamed the Simple Seal tool.,Suitable for packaging programs that personalize commonly used programs as single files、Copyright、File information such as custom icons,Easy to use - Multiple modes,Interface supports multiple formats,Support system bit-to-bit judgment defines runner scripts…

This procedure and the procedure after the seal may report the poisoning,Never use if you think it's unreliable

Description of the app:

Packing tools


Update the log:

Easy Packtool v3.1.0.1 Update:
1:After the package is completed, change to do not exit automatically,Click to seal the package again.
2:Appropriate code adjustments,Optimising the envelope structure.
3:Join the new release reminder.


Version description:

Here's a detailed look at the main features and possible problems.
Four package modes:
(1) Operating mode
That's single file mode,Unzip operation,Delete all temporary content when you're done.
(2) Decompression mode
Silent unzip to any position,Desktop shortcuts can be created,Also support sit some scripts,Attention:The location of this mode unzipped does not contain its own folder.
(3) Minimalist mode
After the package is sealed, there will be a prompt dialog box for whether to install the program,Build ZUninstall.exe's uninstall file in the installation folder.
4 Interface mode
The program after the seal belongs to the basic function installation method of NSIS modern interface,Build ZUninstall.exe's uninstall file in the installation folder.

Several notes
ico program icon
Avoid failure as much as possible,Suggested to bring your own valid format available icons,Can be called externally,If you are not custom-made, try to extract the 32 x 32 icon from the main program as the icon for the build file.
Icon extraction for exe files is also supported.
If all calls are scripts,Use the built-in ico icon without definition.
Some icons that are ico format icons but not standard formats will cause the program to exit automatically.
There is also a situation where some programs are included in it that are unavailable or zero-byte icons also cause the program to exit automatically.
Folder name and file name
It's best to use alphanumerics as folders and file names,Try not to have spaces.,Multi-tier directory calls are not recommended,Avoid hemots/emojis.
Encapsulation destination folder
Must be read able to read and write,If the system process is occupied、Read-only、Hide.、Folders without permissions for system accounts are not packetable,Will cause failure.
Compression rate problem explanation
Maximum compression rate with solid lzma.
Common sense cognitive problems
Not all files can be sealed.,You have to have a judgment.,To practice often in order to accumulate experience,If you feel that bringing your own icon is a costly state, you don't have to use it.,We have no obligation to answer.,Or pay someone to do it for you..

Record files generated after encapsulation,If you can't remember to do those things yourself or don't fit your own,You can open this check pair,If useless, drag into the recycle bin.

Where to run(Required)
Program unzip directory or directory location to install,Several common position constants have been prewritten here to provide options,If not included can be filled in according to the NSIS constant,Can also be entered directly into the location.
No folder names to seal except decompression mode. Cases.: $PROGRAMFILES
Attention:Unzip mode unzips without folder itself,Folder name needs to be added,Cases.: $PROGRAMFILESABC

Packet catalog(Must-have)
Required items,It is recommended that you choose this first step,The runner and script must be in this folder.

Program name
This is the name of the build file,Files generated after packaging,Default Program.exe ,Self-named,will be automatically generated in the same location as the envelope directory.

Programs that run after decompression and scripts that need to be hidden from running,For the time being, I wrote two interfaces.,If not enough temporary solution is cmd/bat/vbs/exe self-expansion,Support for the following scripts:
Attention:Other programs or scripts do not require parameters,exe supports parameter runs,Note the space situ in front of the parameter,reg.vbs run out of session to delete,Unzipped mode/minimalist mode/interface mode Note this.

32Bit Run Program/64-Bit Run Program
I have the option to run the program in run mode for 32/64,Other modes automatically switch to shortcut files,It's mainly for system bits to distinguish.,Support sander and scripts as follows:
Attention:Other format scripts do not require parameters,If dll is selected, the registration command is automatically executed,exe supports parameter runs,Note adding parameters after adding spaces,reg.vbs run out of session to delete,Unzipped mode/minimalist mode/interface mode Note this.

32Bit shortcut/64-bit shortcut
Unzip/minimalist/interface 、These three modes automatically switch to shortcut options,Shortcuts for separate system digits,can be used as a shortcut,However, parameters are not supported.

Exit running(General.)
Running a program or script after it's finished,Unzip/minimalist/interface mode for decompression or operation after installation,Support programs and scripts:
Attention:exe supports parameter runs,Here dll is the uninstall command only suitable for use in operating mode,Other modes use dll with caution

Write to the uninstall panel
Minimalist/Interface Mode Options,Select the program that is after the package is installed and write to the system's Program and Functions uninstall panel.

Custom Title
If not custom, the default use of file description as the title.

Custom shortcut name
If you don't customize, use the file name of a 32-bit shortcut/64-bit shortcut as a shortcut.

Custom Start Menu Folder Name
If you want to use the Start menu,The Start menu list adds a folder,The folder name to be marshaled by default.

Left pic.bmp format
Picture on the left side of the interface mode(164x314)Do not custom with the default built-in.

Top right.bmp format
Top right of interface mode(150x57)Do not custom with the default built-in.

Installation protocol
Interface mode usage,Text content must not exceed 32 Chinese characters,Text can call external txt text.

Uninstall icon
Minimalist mode/interface mode,Use the default if it is not defined.

Uninstall run
Minimalist/interface mode use,Run on uninstall,Supported programs or scripts:
Attention:exe also supports parameter runs,dll for uninstall command,Other no-need parameters.

Delete files before uninstalling(General.)
Run mode deletes temporary files elsewhere after the run is completed after exiting,Unzip mode is to run deleted files after decompression,If it's minimalist/interface mode,Run the first step to uninstall the file deleted the file,You can enter a constant or a direct location file name.

Delete a folder before uninstalling(General.)
Ditto.. You can enter a constant or a direct location folder name.

Delete files before you run(General.)
Delete some files elsewhere before decompressing or running,Writeable constant location s file name or direct location file name.

Delete a folder before you run it(General.)
Delete folders elsewhere before unziping or running,Writeable constant location s folder name or direct location folder name.


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