Data recovery Easy Recovery Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional v13.0.0.0 cracked Edition

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Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional is a data recovery software on the Windows platform。Now love Green soft for everyone to bring the data recovery Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional cracked version has been updated to V13.0.0.0

Ontrack EasyRecovery can help you recover the deletion due to misoperation,Or format, select lost data, and rebuild the file system.。Its Professioanl (Professional) version includes disk diagnostics、Data recovery、File Repair、E-mail repair and all 4 Various data file repair and disk diagnostics scenarios for large categories of 19 projects。

Application Instructions:

File recovery using Ontrack EasyRecovery
If your hard drive has crashed,Infected by a virus,Or you accidentally deleted the precious photos.,Files such as videos or important documents,Ontrack EasyRecovery can recover your files and get you back up and running quickly。

Ontrack EasyRecovery developed by the world's leading data recovery provider,Easy to use and powerful,Enough to handle almost all types of common data loss。Ontrack EasyRecovery allows you to remove,Reformatting and many other data loss scenarios perform accurate file recovery of lost data。From SSDS and traditional hard drives,Memory cards,USB Hard Drive,Recovery in flash drives and optical media。

From the damaged,Damage,Recover files from deleted or reformatted drives
Suitable for internal and external drives; Ssds,Raid,Usb,Memory cards and Optical media
Support for Windows and Macintosh operating systems
Repair damaged and damaged photos and video files

Comprehensive Data Recovery
By deleting,Reformatting and many other data loss scenarios,Accurate recovery of lost files。Ontrack EasyRecovery from SSDS and traditional hard drives,Restore in USB flash drive and optical media。

Quick Scan and Deep scan
Effectively scan deleted files for quick recovery,Or perform a more in-depth scan of files that are more difficult to recover。

Recover deleted volumes
Locate and rebuild running Windows FAT,Damage to NTFS or exFAT file system,Corrupted or deleted volumes。Our Macintosh version supports the recovery of HFS,Drives in HFS + and APFS formats。

Stop at your own pace.
Recover data at your own pace。Save the scan results and resume the recovery process later。No need to scan the drive again,Just keep scanning from where you last stopped.。


Update log:

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Release description:

Please use the recovery button in the lower right corner for file recovery operations,Do not right-click on the list to recover!



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