Android Selfie God BeautyPlus v7.0.171 Paid Pro Special Edition

BeautyPlus is a selfie app on Android。Now love green soft for everyone to bring the Android selfie god beautyPlus paid special edition has been updated to7.0.171

BeautyPlus provides easy-to-use yet powerful photo editing tools、The effect of artistic、Amplify Reality (AR) filter,There's more to come,Take your selfies to the next level

Description of the app:

What the? BeautyPlus has been edited more than 8 Billionselfs? That's awesome, isn't it? Now let's see why there are as many as every month 3 Millions of users choose to use BeautyPlus to edit selfies、Photos and Videos。Tips:BeautyPlus provides easy-to-use yet powerful photo editing tools、The effect of artistic、Amplify Reality (AR) filter,There's more to come,Take your selfies to the next level。Get ready now.,Take the perfect selfie,Upload it to your social media account!

Powerful selfie editing with BeautyPlus,You can easily add Christmas joy to your photos,And use cute filters to play with an addiction。

With BeautyPlus,Taking beautiful and natural selfies with photos and videos is so easy! You can erase acne scars、Wrinkle for the skin、Bright Eyes、Whitening teeth、Adjust eye color、Plus a variety of filters and effects、Use blur effects and so on,The number of functions is not enough!

Little secret between us!
BeautyPlus with many well-known makeup gurus、Photo experts and people like you and me.,Create the perfect photo editing app,This tool is simple and easy to use,More flawless selfies。The various edits you make on your self-portrait will look very subtle、Natural,No one else can see that you've edited with an app.。Show off your natural beauty,No need to use filters that look fake!

AnimeCam:Use this fun feature,Turn your selfie into an animated group picture! Get creative,Use special and playful filters and borders,Make your social media account different!

Skin Editor
+ Our beauty cameras make your skin more shiny、Red Health,Having the perfect face and beautiful selfies is no longer a dream。
+ Use our own skin wrinkle-removal tool,Resuscitate your skin。
+ Despotpox gadget lets you get acne and other skin problems away with just a touch of light。

Perfect Smile
+ Every selfie makes you smile cleanly and perfectly!
+ Our Beauty Editor includes whitening teeth,Make your smile look natural and bright。

Perfect Big Eye
+ Wipe eye bags and dark circles under the eyes。
+ Edit eye colors with custom beauty,Match your hair color and hairstyle。
+ Let your eyes light up.、Super-sucking in photos。

Magic Brush
Our special special effects brushes make your selfies and photos look hard and different from others。We have light.、Neon、Stars、Love and so on brush,There's more.,Let you get to the full imagination,Draw a fun and funny selfie。Use a wide variety of colors,Use your fingers to paint!

Instant automatic beauty (new features!) )
Want a quick look? Our selfie editor can help you do it! Use a variety of special effects for beauty,You can also instantly preview photos or movie results on the BeautyPlus interface。Choose the scenario you want,A little bit of,to take a photo or video of zero flaws.,Then immediately poon on the social media account to show off。

Professional photo editing
+ Professional control tools:Amplification、Elongated、Functions such as pull-thinness and rotation,Lets you edit your selfies and photos as you want,Everything is as you wish!
+ Cutting:Cut out the unwanted parts.,Make your selfies and photos perfect! Click on the screen to resize your photos、Crop。
+ Photo filters:Whether you prefer a romantic or dramatic filter style,We all have it here.。Dozens of special filters,Make your selfies and photos super eye-catching。
+ Blur effect:Just quickly add the blur effect,Selfies immediately look professional。Take a swipe on the screen,Apply the effect now!

More exciting features
+ Built-in selfie timer,Take the perfect selfie without your hands。
+ Perfect light adjustment,Even taking pictures in dark places or in dimly lit places,It's not a problem.。 BeautyPlus automatically adjusts exposure。
+ Not just a selfie.,Taking other photos is just as good.:BeautyPlus works with both front-facing and rear cameras。
+ Multi-face recognition,Even multi-person photos are just as good-looking!
+ Ready to share! Once the photo is edited,You can share to popular social sites right away,Like Facebook、Instagram、Twitter、Snapchat, etc.


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