Open source live streaming tool OBS Studio v23.2.1 Green

OBS Studio is an open source live client.。The open source live-streaming tool OBS Studio Green Edition, which loves Green Soft, has been updated. v23.2.1.

OBS Studio is a popular video broadcast recording software,The difference with the classic version is that,Audio separation is simple.,Performance outperforms the Classic without error.。OBS Studio itself has some common plug-ins built in.,Such as window capture.、Video capture device.、Text、Image、Media sources, etc.。

Description of the app:

OBS Studio is designed for capture.,Synthesis,Coding.,Software designed to record and stream video content.。
It is distributed under GNU General Public License v2 (or any later). – More details about.,Refer to the attached COPYING file.。

OBS Studio.
Free and open source software for video recording and live streaming.。
In Windows.,Download quickly and easily on Mac or Linux and start streaming.。

High-performance real-time video/audio capture and mixing.。Create a scene that consists of multiple sources.,Includes window capture.,Image,Text,Browser window.,Webcam.,Capture cards, etc.。
Set an unlimited number of scenes.,You can seamlessly switch through custom transitions.。
Intuitive audio mixer.,Has each source filter.,Such as noise doors.,Noise suppression and gain.。Full control of VST plug-in support.。
Powerful and easy-to-use configuration options.。Add a new source.,Copy an existing source.,and adjust its properties effortlessly.。
Through the simplified Settings panel.,You can access a variety of configuration options.,to adjust aspects of the broadcast or recording.。
The modular "Dock" UI allows you to rearrange the layout as needed.。You can even pop each Dock into your own window.。
OBS supports all your favorite streaming platforms, etc.。

Create a professional production.
When you switch between scenes or add your own sting video file.,You can choose from many different and customizable transitions.。
Set the hotkey for almost all types of operations.,For example, switch between scenes.,Start/stop streaming or recording.,Mute the audio source.,Key calls, etc.。
Studio Mode lets you preview scenes and feeds before pushing them.。Adjust your scene and source or create a new one.,and make sure they're perfect before the audience sees them.。
Use Multiview to get a high-level view of your work.。Monitor 8 different scenes with a single or double click and easily prompt or transition to any one of them.。


Update the log:

23.2.1 Hotfix Changes.
Fixed a crash that sydd sy'n sy'n saud sa-party obs-ndi plugin.
Fixed the tray sein icon shown shown even time the tray icon was sdisabled in sets.
Fixed a display bug with sources when a custom color was applied to the list item in the sources list box
Fixed a bug where background-removing cameras would have a hall of mirrors effect


Version description:

Green Portable Edition


Download the address:



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