Automatic replacement of earth wallpaper Earth rhythm v2019.06.23 v5

Earth Rhythm is a tool that can be automatically replaced with Earth wallpaper。Now love green soft for everyone Ali's automatic replacement earth wallpaper Earth rhythm has been updated tov2019.06.23 v5。

Earth Rhythm is a tool that updates an automatic wallpaper to an image of the earth by My Love Special。Earth Rhythm supports timed wallpaper replacement、Trays are supported、2K resolution is supported。

Description of the app:

Margin settings are supported (hmm.) 1920*1080 Recommended around 240 other self-testing)
10Minutes can be automatically once (this version does not add to determine whether wallpapers are available)
Windows 7 support,Windows 10 I don't know.,Who's the trouble with the words to test
Trays are supported…(Calculating features?) Hahaha)
I don't know what to write


Update the log:

2019June 23, 2012:02:51
Some areas of the picture can no longer be loaded….

2019June 22, 2011:28:18
Add auto-start options (write registry)
Add compatibility mode (some computers do not switch.),Can't switch can turn on compatibility mode to try)
The setting position has a tray icon right-click

2019June 18, 2015:41:35
Fixes a missing picture caused by an unloaded individual picture

2019June 18, 2010 10:16:17
Fix the jet lag problem UTC-08:00Caused date issues (black screen after 12 p.m.)

2019June 17, 2015:22:01
Updated multi-wallpaper settings mechanism to prevent wallpapers from not refreshing
The cache directory is placed in the Run Directory Cache Directory folder
Cache file loop updates、You can combine frame by frame to watch
Forget the option to add a power-on self-starter - let's talk about it next time


Version description:

The first load takes time·Please be patient
Wallpapers are updated every 10 minutes - the picture time is 10 minutes before the earth
Windows10 is supported by the local directory cache

Green Edition


Download the address:



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