Folder Monitor Directory Monitor v2.13.0.4 Green Portable Special Edition

Directory Monitor is a folder monitoring tool on the windows platform。Now love green soft for everyone to bring folder monitoring Directory Monitor green portable special edition has been updated to v2.13.0.4

Directory Monitor directory monitors can be used to monitor certain directories and/or network shares,And will notify you of file changes/access in real time,Delete,Modifications and new files。Users and processes that make changes can also be detected with the help of plug-ins,Directory Monitor can also be executed via scripts/applications,E-mail,Write to the database,Sound notifications, etc. to provide text logs。

Description of the app:

Monitor and detect who is changing your directory and network sharing in real time。
Directory monitors can be used to monitor directory and/or network shares,and will notify you of file changes in real time,Access,Delete,Modify,New files and inactivity。You can also detect users and processes that have made changes。Directory Monitor also provides text logs,Automate through scripts/applications,By email,Write to the database,Sound notifications,Printing, etc.。

Monitor file modifications in real time,Delete,Rename,New file and file access。

User detection
Detect user and application processes that make file system changes locally and over the network。

Determine file system changes in the event of network connectivity issues or even power outages。

Real-time notifications
File modifications on file systems or network shares,Delete,Rename,New files,Receive notifications within milliseconds of file access and inactivity。

Monitor local directory or network shares,Include scant/private sharing。
Options for detecting all files in the subdirectory and changing file properties。
Balloon notification suing when an event is detected。
Filtering mode that includes and excludes each directory。
Can be used as a console application (PRO)。
Ability to capture and process more than 400 change events per second。

Accurate detection of user changes (PRO)
Find out which users have made changes to a directory or file in near real time。
Report the application process and local changes。
You can detect users locally or network shares on the network。
Automatic configuration of machines and directories to enable auditing。
Even if a malicious user tries to disable it,System audit policies should also be enforced。

Final Reliability of Snapshots (PRO)
Enable snapshots to ensure that changes are detected during network outages or even during power outages。
A quick snapshot of directory and file statistics。
Make sure you don't miss any changes and user and process detection。

Windows Background Services Monitoring (PRO)
Directory Monitor can be installed as a Windows service with multiple user configurations。
Continue monitoring changes without logging into the machine。
Simple configuration and installation via the user interface。
Running in the background,Very low memory and CPU footprint。

Automatic saving of monitoring logs
Use a text log to store file system change events for later check。
Using macros to output context information based on events。
Custom output formats (e.g. CSVs) using only the data you need。
Manage log files with built-in renames,Divide logs into monthly copies。
All monitoring configurations can be logged to the same file。

Execute scripts/applications when an event occurs
Optionally execute any script or application in the event of one or more file system change events。
Use macros to pass context parameters to the script based on event information。
Silentexecution of a script or application (PRO) in the background。
If a script or application can't run more than one instance,options for sequential execution。
Depending on the number of events in the batch,Delayed or inactive trigger。

Send an e-mail message about file system changes
Easily send e-mail to multiple recipients after changing a certain number for each event or batch。
Flexible configuration options,To meet all e-mail servers。
Use macros to provide contextual information based on events。
Send rules based on the number of events,No events after a period of time,Batch delay or inactivity。
When significant changes occur in a short period of time,Limits to prevent spam。
Learn more about this plug-in

Save events to a relational database
Store file system events in a relational database of your choice that is easy to query。
Support for SQL Server,Mysql,PostgreSQL and Oracle。
Automatically create the required database schema。
Learn more about this plug-in

Play a sound to get your attention
Receive audio notifications when changes occur。
A sound is played once per file system event。
Sound can be looped,Until you take action and review the user interface。
WAV files only supported。

Send file system event messages to Syslog servers
Send directory event messages to Syslog servers on the local or network。
Default Syslog configuration options。
Support for RFC3164 and RFC5424 Syslog header formats。
Use macros to define their own message format for each directory。
Select any facilities and priorities for the message。

Advanced notifications with Growl
Get notifications anytime, anywhere with Growl,Even mobile devices.。
Growl is a powerful cross-platform messaging system。
Custom notification alert window,More invasive than system tray balloons,Easier to customize。
Even if the application runs in the background as a service,See also notifications。
Keep a history of notifications that have passed。
Basic configuration for local notifications or sent to remote destinations, such as mobile devices。


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