System information monitoring tool Moo0 System Monitor v1.83 Green Portable

Moo0 System Monitor is a real-time system monitor,Moo0 System Monitoring Tool Moo0 System Monitoring Tool, System Information Monitoring Tool, which is now available to the green soft for everyone 1.83 Chinese Green Portable Edition has been updated to v1.83

Moo0 System Monitor lets you monitor the use of system resources on your computer。 It currently supports 43 types of information,For example, THE CPU、Memory and detailed hard drive usage。 Use this software,You'll find out what limits your computer's performance every time.。

Description of the app:

Moo0 System Monitor is a utility,Designed to provide users with more information about their computers。
It provides a complete list of supported system parameters。
Moo0 System Monitor program has Russified interface,Make it more convenient and easy to use。
This will show the data for the computer hardware and software section。
The most expensive and resource-intensive of these will be highlighted in red。
The amount of information depends on the field the user chooses to view。
In settings,You can also specify the following characteristics:Rotational speed of fan blades,Loading of disks in the system,Transmission packets for each network channel, etc.。
At the top of the screen are The Link and Slow.。
If the system is going through the maximum load,The currently running processes will appear below them。


Update the log:

– Supported the high-resolution drawing of its GUI on 4K and 8K monitors.
– To this support monitors, The installer has has been am ath a' well.
– Some fixes on the translated texts.


Version description:

Green Portable Edition


Download the address:



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