Professional macro recorder MacroRecorder v5.8.0.0 Chinese Hanhua Correction

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MacroRecorder is a key-to-key pokemon software on the windows platform。Now Love Green Soft for everyone to bring professional macro recorder MacroRecorder Chinese Hanhua correction version has been updated to v5.8.0.0

Macro Recorder captures mouse events and keystrokes,Like a tape recorder,Allows you to automate red tape on your computer。Record mouse and keyboard actions for unlimited replay……Do not perform the same task twice!

Application Instructions:

By Record。Take action。
Macro Recorder records your mouse movements,Mouse click and keyboard input。It's like a computer recorder.。

Press Stop。Edit macro。
Built-in macro editor allows you to view recordings,Rearrange operations,Change pause or edit keyboard input。

Press Play。Repeat macros。
Macro Recorder repeats your macro recordings as needed,To avoid repetitive tasks。You can adjust playback speed and smooth the avant-garde mouse movement。

Desktop automation
Automate any Windows / Mac Desktop App。Macro Recorder sets your computer as autopilot,Repeat tasks with unlimited。

Automate everything
Automate tedious tasks – Record and play mouse movements,Mouse clickand and keyboard tapping。

Network automation
Macro Recorder is also a web browser,Any action in the browser can be done automatically。

Mouse Recorder
Macro Recorder contains a mouse recorder,Used to capture mouse movement,Click and wheel operation。

Macro Recorder also includes a keylogger,Used to record your text and keyboard input for unlimited replay。

Automated software testing
Macro Recorder is the perfect tool for automating software testing。


Update log:

1.Adjusting some of the Content of Hanhua,Added a few Chinese content (if there is no Hanhua can private message)
2.Hanization of compiled exe files,Now each generated exe is Hanhua version (the first of the whole network)
3.Fix some software with its own bug (fix bug?) What's a joke?,Blow the nb.,You didn't write it yourself?………The amount,This really can be.,Because the source code is back compiled.,Add a function is OK,Don't talk about fixing bugs.(^_^))


Release description:(I love to crack the schina0sen)

Keep original copyright information,Add personal chineseization information
Most of the interfaces are Chinese,There may be a small part of the unchineseed place
Basically does not affect all features of the original tool


Magic Code:

J9cwyqd spwYY yYL6AoLC6EhvCQJUx2v-rapajW5bf6BF6GI4J8aftFjrP7




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