Aomei Easy Backup AOMEI Backup v5.0.0 Special Edition

AOMEI Backupper is a backup tool on the windows platform。Now Love Green Soft for everyone to bring amei backup AOMEI Backupupper Technology Plus Enhanced Edition has been updated to v5.0.0

Easy Backup Pro is a free、Easy-to-use backup restore software,Not only can it be easy to enable system backup of Ghost system,Can also back up files、Folder、Hard disk、分区也能通过定时备份功能自动备份您想备份的数据和实时同步功能同步文件文件夹到其他位置。In the event of an abnormality on your computer,,You can easily restore systems and data to a normal state。除了备份外还支持系统迁移硬盘对拷分区克隆等功能

Application instructions:

像一键Ghost系统那样,You only need a few mouse clicks to back up the system disk to the specified location,如备份系统到移动硬盘以后,You can quickly restore the system if there is a problem with the system,to avoid the trouble of reloading the system.。

If you only want to back up a few directories or files on your pc,怎么办?例如:Only need to back up the working directory,Just want to back up Word documents on the D disk。文件备份与还原功能能只处理特定的文件让备份功能变得更灵活

Disk partition backup and restore
It's also called disk partition image,能直接备份多个硬盘和多个分区。Of course,硬盘和分区中包含的所有数据都将被备份。Restore in addition to the ability to directly restore hard drives and partitions,Can also selectively restore specific files。

Timed backups
对于某些重要的文件我们可能想定期做一次备份。Timed backup feature sits on a daily basis,Weekly,Monthly,or a cycle that automatically backs up the data you specify。

Incremental and differential backups only have changed data in the previous time compared to,This feature greatly improves backup speed and reduces the space occupied by mirrored files。Timed backups will be used by incremental backups by default to optimize the efficiency of backups。

After the automatic backup is complete,是不是想知道备份的结果怎么样了,Email notification sits allow you to set whether to send backup log reports to your mailbox。于此让您更安心!

Clone one hard drive to another
硬盘1 -> 磁盘2
Clone one partition on the hard drive to another hard drive D: -> F:

Clone or migrate systems to SSDs or other common drives

Windows 10/7/8/8.1
Windows XP/Vista
Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016
Windows SBS 2003, 2008, 2011

Hard drives for various interfaces such as:IDE、Sata、Scsi、IEEE1394USB1.1/2.0/3.0
各种类型的硬盘如机械硬盘固态硬盘(Ssds)、U盘、Mobile hard drive、RAID盘、2TB+硬盘
Disks in various formats such as:MBR磁盘、GPT disk、动态卷NAS盘
Back up data to all forms of discs,Such as:CD-R/RWDVD-R/RWDVD+R/RW


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Green Portable Edition


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