Ai Qi art figure v1.0.1.513 Independent

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Ai Qi yi look picture is a look-up application integrated in the player。Now love green soft for everyone to bring the love of the art to see the picture Independent version has been updated tov1.0.1.513

Ai Qi art picture is a pure picture look software,Ai Qi art view chart supports a variety of image-viewing functions,No extra backstage and advertising。

Application Instructions:

Speed is super fast,Hundred Megabytes of seconds open;

Powerful,Picture rotation、Resizing、Transformat、Cutting、Practical features such as mosaics are available;

Support for 66 picture formats,Includes JPG、Png、Gif、Bmp、Formats such as RAW;

Very small installation package,Light and easy to use;

Pure Software,No bundle, no background。


Update log:

Not yet


Release description:

Direct installation can be used


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