Aichi PC IQIYI for PC v6.7.82.6548 Go Ad Edition

IQIYI is a video software on the windows platform。Now love green soft for everyone to bring the Aichi Art PC IQIYI for PC to go ad version has been updated tov6.7.82.6548

Aichi Video is a client software focused on video playback、Aichi Art Video Client is a complete set of mass-streaming application solutions based on P2P technology,Includes streaming code、Release、Broadcasting、Play and hyper-large-scale user live streaming,Stable and smooth live video programming for broadband users。Flexible on-demand capabilities,Watch anytime,Time is free to master,Easy to operate。


Description of the app:

AqiYI (iQIYI.COM) is a massive、Quality、Large video site for hd network video,Professional web video playback platform。Aichi Art Film and Television content is rich and diverse,Covered movies、TV series、Animation、Variety、Life。
TV series
Aichi Art TV Channel has the popular hd tv series video resources of the whole network。TV drama is rich and comprehensive,Genuine...
The Aichi Art Movie Channel has a large number of HD online movie resources,Popular HD Movies、Critical lying movies、Movie preview online view ...
The Aichi Arts Variety Channel has the latest of the network、The most popular variety resources,Variety Show Rankings,Hot variety shows ...
The Aichi Children's Channel has HD genuine children's video programs covering all ages,Content contains children's songs、Early education、Yi...
VIP members
Aicchie VIPIs the member value-added service launched by Aichi Art,Luxury enjoy nearly 10,000 paid movies,Including the new domestic hospital line ...
Aichi Art Music Channel has a full network of popular HD genuine MV。Pop Video、Classic Song Video Online Viewing。Mv...
1.Free to use,Rich content
Download the installation for free,Free to watch hd genuine movies and videos
Newer films and videos、Hoter Variety、Tourism、Documentary,Support for all content of Qiyi Network
2.Turn off the lights.
Tap Play "Turn off" in the form,Enjoy a cinematic playback experience right away。
3.Watch while you choose
Select a video while watching the previous video,Faster and more convenient to find more want to see the program。
4.Ultra-clear and smoother,More flexible on-demand
Leverage advanced P2P technology,Give you a smoother viewing experience;Flexible on demand、Watch the video at any time。
5.One-click screenshot
One-click screenshot,Don't miss out on the highlights。
6.Member Zone
Massive exclusive video,Large tracts without ad interference。


Update the log:

Not yet


Version description:

Go to the ad.,Turn off hot spots,Advertising Bullet Window

Do not start on

Remove video ads


First use please run "Install.bat"

If the computer had installed Aichi Art before,Please run "uninstall.bat" first,Run "Install.bat" again


Download the address:
Extract code:v59y


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  • All resources on this site are available to provide a trial experience,You must be within 24 hours of downloading, Completely remove from your device。
  • Don't forget to thank and support the developer! If you like the app,Please buy genuine!
  • All resources on this site are free to download。
  • Exclusive lying local high-speed download or blue-play high-speed links only for our members。

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