Offline: 2020 Beijing Telecom Campus Card 20.8 yuan/month:20G national 5G flow and 190GB national directional 5G flow exceeds the last 1 yuan 1G plus 200 minutes , and mainstream software directional streaming exemption

2020The campus card was issued on October 26, 2020:30Off the shelf.,Users who have already place an inactive order online will be activated by the end of this month at the 6th。

Application address

Point me into the direct application


Sweeping application:


Order inquiries

Login Query (if you register an account for an account login query,If you don't have a registered account, log in to the query using the receipt number and verification code。)


Package details


5G Package Description

Fee 1:300Yuan bag 12 months,Equivalent to 25 yuan per month

Fee 2:500Yuan package 25 months,Equivalent monthly rent 20.8 yuan (recommended)

  • Voice Text:National200Minutes . . .10Text message
  • Universal traffic:National 10G plus more than 1 yuan 1GB
  • Directed traffic:Stream-free from multiple popular APP-targeted
  • Activate the month or above package content assigned in proportion to the number of days remaining


Beijing Telecom's Notice on 10G Traffic Package Collection
Users of the new 2020 campus package can send text messages.
300One year product.:Send KTXYLLB13 to 10001.
500Two-year product.:Send KTXYLLB25 to 10001 to participate in the pick-up activity.。
The subscription is effective in the current month.,This active traffic pack expires with the expiration of the campus contract.,This activity is limited to one participation.。


Directed software (stream-free)


What exactly is the stream-free APP?

For more information, please contact the link.:


Important notes:

  • 1. The application needs to be completed at one time,If you exit the previously selected number midway through, you will be locked,4It's hours away.。
  • 【2】Age unlimited! Age unlimited! Age unlimited! Only need to meet the age of 16 can be processed,Student ID is not required。
  • Please take the photo clearly if the prompt recognizes the error,Any system errors at the time of application,Please change your browser、Changing the network、Replacement phone solution。
  • 4. Benka National Parcel,Express direct package to home。
  • Any problems with your application,Q can be added:973527061(Note Stelecom Consulting) there is benefits Oh consultation or the message below this article consultation。


Answers to questions:

Ask:Where is the place of belonging? Is it all available throughout the country?

For:Place of ownership Beijing,It's all available all over the country.,It's all national calls.,National 5G traffic。

Ask:Is this card parcel?

For:Parcels,The shipping address can choose where you are。

Ask:Is this card a 4G package card or a 5G package card?

For:This card is a prepaid 5G package card,It's the cheapest 5G package on the market right now.。

Ask:How long is the activation period?,If not activated,Can I request a refund?

For:Must be activated within 20 days from the date of application,Otherwise the card is scrapped。If you exceed the deadline or don't want to activate it,,As long as your card isn't activated,,Telstra will return to your payment account within 25 business days。ButOnce activated,No further refunds

Ask:How many can a man drive?

For:Regulations of the Ministry of Industry and,Only 5 China Telecom cards can be held at the same time with one ID card,If you have an n telecommunications card in your name,,Then you can also handle 5-n sheets

Ask:Can I change my plan?

For:Package cannot be changed during the validity period

Ask:How do I activate it?

For:Activate in the "Beijing Telecom" public signal or the telecommunications handheld office,Activation instructions are also included in the mailed express。

Ask:Can i use this card on the tablet?

For:Benka is a regular Beijing Telecom package,As long as the SIM card can plug in the device can be used normally。

Ask:Does this card have a visiting access function?

For:Yes。Visit-to-place function automatically on,The benefit of this feature is that the latency is low,Rate is not affected by offsite。

Ask:Do I need to charge a monthly charge after purchase?

For:This card is a prepaid card,You will ask for 300/500 yuan when you apply.,Then fill the account with a gift each month,Monthly fee deduction,No more charges.。The application link for this card is the official telstra link,Payment is also paid to telecommunications officials,Please be assured of payment,If you have any questions, please contact "Love Green Soft" WeChat Public No.。

Ask:Can I renew it after one or two years?

For:Follow "Love Green Soft" WeChat Public Number,Send "Beijing Telecom Renewal",you can get an official renewal address.,Package renewable signed in the last month of the package expiration。

Ask:Is there an age limit for applying for this card? Do I need a student ID card?

For:This card does not limit age,As long as you meet the age of 16 can handle,And no student ID required.。

Ask:Prompt edited ID error on the application page,What's the reason?

For:Please re-take the front and back of your ID card and face,Be sure to shoot clearly.、Correct,Don't hide anything.。If there is a state-of-the-state communication that does not pass,That is because your ID card has recently moved to a household account or an ID address in a confidential unit.,Unable to handle。If you encounter other problems,Please consult customer service below this article。

Ask:Can I log off off site?

For:Off-site cancellation please consult Beijing Telecom customer service 01010000


Another recruitment agent,Willing little partner welcome plus QQ:973527061Notes (agent)


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