2019Beijing Telecom Campus Card 12.5 yuan/month:30G national traffic plus more than 1 yuan after 800M plus 500 minutes plus mainstream software directional no-flow

Application address

point I go into direct application

http://www.s://z.bj.189.cn/index/otocommodity.html?shopRel s262018072449932&businessCode: 50315003660


Sweep code application:


Order inquiry

Loginhttp://www.s://z.bj.189.cn Query (if you register an account on the account login query,If you do not have a registered account, log in to the query using the receipt number and verification code。)


Package Details


Package Description

Fee 1:200Meta bag 13 months,Equivalent monthly rent of 15.38 yuan

Charge 2:300Meta bag 25 months,Monthly rent 12 yuan (recommended)

  • Voice SMS:National500Minutes plus20A text message
  • Universal traffic:National 30G plus more than 1 yuan 800M
  • Directed traffic:Several popular APP directed streaming-free
  • Activate the current month and above package content is allocated as in proportion to the number of days remaining


Directed software (no flow)

  • News:NetEase News、Today's headlines
  • Music:NetEase Cloud Music 、Shrimp Rice Music
  • Browser:Uc、Mobile phone Baidu reading:NetEase Cloud Reading、Book Flag 、Neteasy Snail
  • Video:Tiger Tooth Live、Youku、Aichi 、Sky wing video 、PPTV 、Good-looking video 、Watermelon Video 、Shake the sound、Racer
  • Game:Tank Company、Rate of the soil coast 、Big Talk West Tour 、Wonder Woman's Ghost 、Terminator 2、Wilderness Action 、Misty World 、Dream West Tour、Yin and Yang Division
  • Other:NetEase Public Course 、Baidu paste bar、Map de Gaard、Baidu Map 、There are Taoyun notes 、NetEase Cloud Classroom 、NetEase Mailbox Master 、Baidu Mobile Assistant (Android)、University of China mooc

The above software is measured by the user,If there is an inevitable,The flow-free range is subject to official introduction。


Important tips:

  • 1. Application needs to be completed at one time,If you exit the previously selected number in the middle of the way, it will be locked,4It won't be released in an hour.。
  • 【2】25Direct application under the age of 3,Overage needs to upload student ID for review,Orders may be cancelled if the approval fails,But the money paid will be returned.,Rest assured!
  • 3: If you are prompted to identify the error please take the photo more clearly,Any system errors in the application,Please change your browser、Replace the network、Replace the phone to solve。
  • 4. Bencard National Parcel Service,Courier direct parcel to home。
  • Any questions you may have when applying,Please ask QQ973527061 or leave a message below this article to inquire。


Welfare activities

One、Traffic activity

  1. Send LLBZ20 to 10001 20g monthly delivery for 6 months
  2. Send LLBZ10 to 10001 10g monthly delivery for 6 months
  3. Send LLBZ6 to 10001 6g monthly delivery 6 months
  4. Send LLBZ2 to 10001 2g of traffic per month For 6 months
  5. Send lyhllb to 10001,10GB of traffic per month for 13 months
  6. Send cwlsll to 10001 for 15G traffic,It's done in March.,5G per month

Total 53GB per month!


Two、Phone fee activities

Save 50 send 50 save 25 get 50,Only telecommunications users who have access to internet plans can participate,The main thing is,,Beijing Telecom Campus Card also supports this activity。

Attending address:https://www.189.cn/images/client/commonupload/2018/8/23/152134/congsong20/index.html

Sweep code to participate:


Answers to questions:

Ask:Where do you belong? Can it be used in the whole country?

For:Attribution to Beijing,It's accessible to the whole country.,It's all a national call.,National traffic

Ask:How long is the activation period?,If it is not activated,Can I request a refund?

For:Must be activated within 20 days from the date of application,Otherwise the card is scrapped。If the deadline is exceeded or you don't want to activate,As long as your card is not activated,Whatever the problem or what the reason,Customer service requests a refund after resale at 4008981189,Money will be returned to your payment account within 15 business days。ButOnce activated,No more refunds

Ask:How many can a person open?

For:Ministry of Industry and Information Technology regulation,One ID card can only hold 5 China Telecom cards at the same time,If you have n telecommunications cards in your name,,Then you can also handle 5-n sheets

Ask:Can I change the package?

For:Package cannot be changed during the validity period

Ask:Can I renew my contract in a year or two?

For:关注公众号“爱绿软”,Send "Beijing Telecom Renewal",Get an official renewal address,The last month of the package expiration can be renewed。

Ask:How do I activate it?

For:Activate in the "Beijing Telecom" public number or telecom palm office,Activation instructions are also included in the mailed express。

Ask:What do I need to do after activation?

Step 1:Feel free to make a phone call for 20 seconds (relatives and friends' numbers can be made),Otherwise, the following operations will not be possible

Step 2:Send SMS ktvolte to 10001,You'll text every minute.,Press prompt to reply to confirm the success of voltE HD call,Mobile network settings that enter your phone after opening,Turn on voltE,At the heart of this feature is that you canSurfing the Internet while making a phone call

Ask:Can this card be used on a tablet?

For:Ben card is a regular Beijing telecom package,As long as the SIM card can be inserted on the device can be used normally。

Ask:Open Hot SpotGive other devices Internet accessFree flow-free?

For:Any package for any carrier、Any card-opening hotspot slots on other devices to access the Internet,It's not going to go off the stream.。

Ask:Do I need to charge my phone every month after purchase?

For:This card is a prepaid card,200/300 yuan will be asked for at the time of application,Then charge it into the account every month in the form of a compliment.,Deductible monthly fees,No more charges.。The application link for this card is the official link to the telecommunications,Payments are also paid to the telecommunications authorities,Please be assured of payment,If you have any questions please contact QQ973527061

Ask:Will the network be disconnected when the traffic reaches 40GB?

For:40G Shutdown Rules:Total traffic for the month reached 40G suspension of the current month's Internet service,Opened automatically the following month,If you contact customer service in the current month to apply for continued use,Residual domestic traffic in the traffic pack can continue to be used,Directed traffic automatically fails,All traffic charges by set of foreign capital fees after the traffic in the traffic pack is used up(1$800M/day,Can be automatically superimposed) charged。

Ask:Can I cancel off site?

For:Off-site cancellation please consult Beijing Telecom customer service 01010000



Tips:0Points are login view,99Points for SVIP login view,Free use of high-speed download links 5 times a day for regular users。

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