File Management Total Commander v5.18.2 (9.22a) Green Beautification Enhanced Edition

Total Total Is a file management tool on the windows platform。Now Love Green Soft brings file management Total Commander Green Beautification Enhanced Edition has been updated to v5.18.2 (9.22a)

Total Commader is a famous、Powerful all-powerful file manager,Support for randomly customized menus、Toolbar、Shortcuts,Search、Copy、Move、Renamed、Delete and other functions of course also have,More file content comparison、Sync folders、Rename files in bulk、Split merge files、Create/check file validation (MD5/SFV) practical functions such as,Built-in ZIP/TAR/GZ/TGZ format compression/decompression,ZIP format also supports the creation of encryption and self-subcontracting。

Application instructions:

Two file windows side by side
Multi-language and Unicode support
Enhanced search capabilities
Compare files (now using the editor)/sync directory
Quick view panel with bitmap display
Zip,7Zip,ARJ,LZH,RAR,UC2,TAR,GZ,CAB,ACE Archive Processing and Plug-in
Built-in FTP client,Support for FXP (server-to-server) and HTTP proxy support
Parallel port links,Multi-rename tool
Tabbed interface,Regular Expressions,History and Favorites button
Thumbnail view,Custom columns,Enhanced search
Comparison Editor,Cursor in the list,Separate tree,Logging,Enhanced overlay dialog boxes, etc.。
Unicode names are almost everywhere,Long name (> 259Characters),the password manager for ftp and plug-ins,Synchronize an empty directory,64Bit context menu,Quick File Filter (Ctrl) + S)
USB port connection via special direct transmission cable,Partial branch view (Ctrl + Shift + B),And as for ftp,Many improvements to synchronization and other features
There's a lot more!


Update the log:

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Version description:

Relative to the official version,This customized version has the following distinctive features:
– More flexible installation:A variety of installation types are available,Fully meet the individualization、Diversified needs。
– Perfect Chinese Edition:Integrated Chinese version of documentation and plug-ins,Support for phonetic initials and other functions;
– More powerful:Integrated featured plug-ins and utilities,Software features are enriched and enhanced;
– The interface is more beautiful:Featured Icons、Font、Color、Dimensions and other elements,Better visuals;
– Easier to use:Carefully tailored menus、Toolbar、List of folders、Resources such as shortcuts;

One、Carefully tailored resources
1、Chinese menu file:Carefully customize menu items,More complete content、Call more convenient;
2、Chinese help file:Easy for users to view at any time,Better understanding and use of the Software;
3、Icons and toolbars:Integrate three icon schemes,and add toolbars such as system resources;
4、Hanhua plug-in resources:Chinese Simplified interface,More convenient for users、Experience more natural;
5、Common folder menus:This menu allows you to quickly jump to a commonly used system folder;
6、Perfect shortcut settings:By using shortcuts,Users can quickly call the feature;
7、Pre-set external commands:Richer external commands,Easy for users to call and set themselves;
8、Description document:Make a version description、Plug-in description、Notes such as shortcut lists。

Two、Enhanced software features
1、A selection of plug-ins:View common types of file content,Compression and decompression commonly used compressed files;
Note: To view the contents of common audio and video files,Please check the MMedia plug-in when installing,and install K-Lite
Decoder Suite (personal recommendation is available in Basic version),Related pages:
2、Selected Utilities:Integrated Everything、MyHash、Notepad2、Tools such as SwitchOFF,Quick search of files、Check sum calculation、Text editing、Smart shutdown and other functions;
3、Pinyin initial positioning:Integrated QuickSearch eXtend components,Quick positioning of Chinese file names。

Three、Beautify the program interface
1、Interface icon style:Setup add interface settings page,Integrated three sets of icon schemes;
2、Font color layout:Featured Fonts、Features such as color matching and layout,A better user interface。

Four、Smart Installation Uninstall
1、How to install:Provide standards、Complete、Portable and custom installation;
2、Smart processing:Operating system version recognition、Target folder detection、Program configuration is done automatically、Profile backup reminders、Existing version detection and rapid upgrade functions;
3、Full uninstall:Junk files and registry keys are not left after the program is unloaded。

Five、Other details optimization
1、Optimize parameter settings,Ensure user-friendly、Easy to operate;
2、Predefined file types、Custom columns and view modes, etc.;
3、Expand the content of mouse hover tips and thumbnail mode file information;
4、Use multiple engines to search for selected text content when viewing files;


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