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Music Downloader is a download tool for downloading songs from major platforms on the windows platform。Music DownloadEr Open Source, Music Downloader, now loves Green Soft for everyone, has been updated tov1.3.7

A simple music download (play) function:Song Search、Song sheet reading、Play online、Song downloads (including paid music)

Application Instructions:

Download features in the list right-click menu
With Ctrl and Shitf keys can choose from a number of
When Double-Click Play is selected,Double-click ing-click on the list to play music;When not selected,Double-click on the list to download music

Example of a song sheet link:
NetEase Cloud Music:
Https:// 395076493

QQ Music:
Https:// or

Cool Music:

Cool Dog Music:

Thousands of music:


Update log:

1.3.7(2019June 30, 2016):
Fix classifier errors
Fix Bug Automatic Updates Errors
Fix Repeat pop-up message box when deleting download list items
Fix bugs that songs in the playlist can't be downloaded
Fix Couldn't save album pictures
Fix Confirm suffix does not exit program
Increase download list statistics


Attention:If an error is prompted during automatic updates,Please copy the files under the Update folder to the folder where MusicDownloder is located after you close the update.


Release description:

Open Source



Download Address:




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