Android Tencent Sports v6.0.8.858 Go To Ads Special Edition

Tencent Sports is a community video live app on Android。Now love green soft for everyone to bring Android Tencent Sports to ads special edition has been updated to v6.0.8.858

Tencent Sports,Originally name "Watch the Game",It's a good-looking and fun app.,Tencent Sports also has the most powerful and popular communities,Into the community.,So easy! Mom no longer worried about my sports study!

Description of the app:

You can't find the NBA yet.,Premier league,Where are these top-flight games?
Recommend an app for "city people will play":Tencent Sports

Tencent Sports,Originally name "Watch the Game",It's a good-looking and fun one.,With a star signed jersey.、Limited shoes,There is also a wealth of peripheral goods、NBA tickets and a large number of prizes for everyone's app.
Nice,It's because the app's in hand.,"I have it all over the world"! 600 NBA games per season、Football's top five leagues and the Champions League,World cup,F1,ESports……24Hourly Classic Race Keeps You Up Anytime, Anywhere。
Besides,We also have the world's top broadcasting technology and teams.,Hd、Multi-angle、Virtual technology,Easily meet the needs of fans,As long as you're fast enough.,We definitely don't get cards!
Fun,because there's the most players here spitting with you.、Play the PlayScreen、On the prop、Guess to win the jackpot。Please join us! Do what you love with your friends.。
Other than that,There's also the most powerful and popular community here.,How high-frequency community online offline activities let you take the prize to get the hand cramp! In the community you can have direct face-to-face conversations with stars、Happy mouth fight with fellow ball players、Have a lively discussion with expert opinion leaders。Into the community.,So easy! Mom no longer worried about my sports study!
Don't hesitate.,Join us,Tencent Sports,You deserve it.!

Let's go through the high basket together.,Let's get out!
More exciting content awaits your discovery!


Update the log:

1.Is the text comment too boring? Send a video for everyone.
Post back to start supporting video,Please light up the resources in your hands so that everyone can have fun together;

2.Less video resources? Emoji pack is ready
Feel our carefully prepared emoji,Funny expressions just wait for you.;

3.The comment atmosphere is not very good? Reporting function waits for you to make
For community environmental saboteurs,Let's report the elimination of TA together.;

4.Is it boring to just watch the game? Wave props to try
More fun game props on the line,Also support diamond purchase items,The prop brush doesn't stop at all


Version description:

By the mouse loves to eat grass
·Remove start-up ads
·Remove title ads
·Remove update tips
·Remove suspended ads
·Remove some lines
·Remove Home Promotion
·Remove QQ Quick Login
·Remove WeChat login
·Remove questionnaires
·Remove redundant permissions
·Zipalign optimization
·Remove my ad.
·Remove my red dot.
·Remove message notifications
·Optimize layout display
·Remove Tencent Security Guard download channels
·Increased donation channels
·Add an adaptive icon
·Remove cartoon animation from the back of the dress up


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