Android Phone Acceleration Speed Booster v2.2.1 Paid Pro Crack

Speed Booster是安卓平台上一款手机加速工具现爱绿软为大家带来的安卓 手机加速 Speed Booster付费专业破解版已经更新到 v2.2.1

Speed Booster's lightweight phone acceleration software,Take up your 2M space,还你2G内存!一键加速一键降温操作超简单!Speed​​ Booster – Mobile acceleration,不仅可以以节省电池电量还有助于提升性能!最好用的手机加速器!

Application instructions:

最轻量级手机加速软件,Take up your 2M space,还你2G内存!一键加速一键降温操作超简单!
Speed​​ Booster – Mobile acceleration,不仅可以以节省电池电量还有助于提升性能!

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●使用Speed​​ Booster手机加速 清理缓存提升速度提高设备的性能!

CPU cooling

Easy to operate,Easy to use

●Speed​​ Booster手机加速占用不到2MB的空间但可以节省超过2GB

Speed​​ Booster – Mobile acceleration,是为了让你的手机功能强大您的最佳选择!


Update the log:

Performance enhancements.
Bug fixes (Fixed UI bugs causing crashes)
• Lighter


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