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Ice Point Library is a point-free document download artifact。Now love green soft for everyone to bring the ice-point library downloader to ads green version has been updated tov3.2.10

Ice Point Library is a point-free document download god! Download the document's first choice! Free points free download Baidu and Bean Ding Library without logging in,It supports Baidu Library、、、Electrical network、MBAlib think tank、Love to ask for documents、Enjoy、IT168、HP009、MAX、Book118、Dao's Baba、Pyramid Medicine、Library documents such as large orange lamps,Support for multitasking simultaneous downloads and intermittent transmissions,The downloaded document is equivalent to the quality of the original document,The result is a high-definition PDF document。

冰点文库下载器v3.1.6 去广告版单文件

Description of the app:

Free to download Baidu without points、Bean Ding、Clove、MBALib、Dao's Baba、Book118 and other library documents,No registration and login required。

The downloaded document is a high-definition pdf document that is generated directly。
1. Support for Baidu、Bean Ding、Clove、Enjoy、MBALib、Dao's Baba、Book118 and other major library documents。
2. Free to download Baidu Library and Bean Ding Library without points and no login。
3. Supportfor simultaneous downloads and intermittent downloads for multiple tasks。
4. The resulting pdf document is equivalent to the original document quality。


Update the log:

1. Resolved book118 download failed。
2. Support Sina Love AskIng Information。
3. Support for electrical network downloads。


Version description:

- Go to the Ice Point Today Information Pop window (v3.1.6 after the official nomore)
- Go to the left side of the interface for ads、Thoroughly go to the bottom graphic ads and areas
- Go to the top of the interface to introduce the connection、Go to the menu to promote extra items such as connections
- Go off tampering 2345 navigation promotion pop window、Prohibited Changes to The Home Page
- Compiled as a single execution file,Green portability,Turn off save-saving settings!


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