Thunderbolt v7.9.44.5056 Go Ad Green Lite

Thunderbolt v7.9.43.5054 Official Edition|Go ad green litth,This extreme green version is streamlined by the focus on greening by the shoo-jun.,Thin useless files.、Run library,Go to all the ads.、The Tp directory.、Information bounce window.,Go to the sidebar.、The search bar.、Gadgets、Game box.、Thunderbolt Cinema button.,Go to all the gadgets.,Special main panel window size limits.,Features are recommended to keep only offline downloads.,Custom side-by-side broadcast is supported.。

迅雷 v7.9.44.5056 去广告绿色精简版迅雷 v7.9.44.5056 去广告绿色精简版

New version changes:

* Optimize download performance.,Fix the latest preview crash at Windos 10.
* Fix Windows. 10 An insider test system crashed while downloading.

Go advertising green Lite introduction.:

By Xiaojun (focusing on streamlined optimization)

- Go TO XLLiveUD.exe.、XLServicePlatform.exe.;

- Streamline redundant files and plug-ins.、Merge Tp directory files to Program.;

Perfect to go to the right column.,It also prohibits background downloads of related files.(Ignore the settings.);

Special width limits.、Go to the main panel search bar.、Gadgets、Game box.、Thunderbolt Cinema button.;

Go to the high-speed channel.、Download offline.、The left-hand text ad is played at the bottom of the side.;Go to the left and right to smash the egg ad.;

- Supports custom edge-down sowing.(For more information, please see Greening.)、Features are recommended to keep only offline downloads.(Members are visible.)

-Do not push download plug-ins in the cloud.,Do not allow the mouse to hover over the high-speed channel acceleration button when the pop-up Alipay open VIP pop-up window.;

- The skin name on the left side of the skin button.,Go to the main menu to boot.、Feedback、Check for updates、Help、Forum options.;

- Go set the options.:Start-up、Set up Thunderbolt downloads in the Windows Library.、By default, use Thunderbolt to see open video files.;

Launch prompt "Is the application not configured correctly?" You can't fix it until you install Microsoft Visual F.2.0 Runtime!

Can't BT seed files correlate? Advanced Settings - BT Settings - Associated BT Seeds at Startup: Tick off - Apply: Retick: Point OK is ok!

Thunderbolt a variety of classic versions (extreme version. + Exclusive version. + normal version) download address.:

Containing.:High-speed free harmony, non-members offline access, local members, account anti-kick patch.

Note 1.:Account kick prevention is not guaranteed to be valid.,High-speed harmony-free is not necessarily effective for all resources!

Note 2.:Non-members have received 8G. / 1024G Offline space.,Can you get it back offline! Access password ro5n.


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