Thunderbolt v7.9.44.5056 Go Ad Green Lite

Thunderbolt v7.9.43.5054 Official Edition|Go ad green litth,此极致绿色版由 @小俊 专注绿化精简精简无用文件、Run library,Go to all the ads.、Tp目录资讯弹窗去侧边栏搜索条、Gadgets、游戏盒子迅雷电影院按钮去所有小工具特别主面板窗口大小限制功能推荐只保留离线下载支持自定义边下边播功能

迅雷 v7.9.44.5056 去广告绿色精简版迅雷 v7.9.44.5056 去广告绿色精简版

New version changes:

* 优化下载性能解决在Windos10最新预览版崩溃现象
* Fix Windows. 10 An insider test system crashed while downloading.


by 小俊 (专注精简优化)

- Go TO XLLiveUD.exe.、XLServicePlatform.exe.;

—精简多余文件和插件、Merge Tp directory files to Program.;



Go to the high-speed channel.、Download offline.、The left-hand text ad is played at the bottom of the side.;去左侧和右侧砸蛋广告

- Supports custom edge-down sowing.(使用详情请看绿化)、功能推荐只保留离线下载(会员可见)

-Do not push download plug-ins in the cloud.,禁止鼠标悬浮在高速通道加速按钮时弹出支付宝开通VIP弹窗

—去皮肤按钮左侧皮肤名称去主菜单开机启动、Feedback、Check for updates、Help、论坛选项

- Go set the options.:Start-up、Set up Thunderbolt downloads in the Windows Library.、By default, use Thunderbolt to see open video files.;

启动提示“应用程序的配置不正确?安装Microsoft Visual F#2.0 Runtime 后方可解决!

Can't BT seed files correlate? Advanced Settings - BT Settings - Associated BT Seeds at Startup: Tick off - Apply: Retick: Point OK is ok!

Thunderbolt a variety of classic versions (extreme version. + Exclusive version. + normal version) download address.:

Containing.:High-speed free harmony, non-members offline access, local members, account anti-kick patch.

Note 1.:Account kick prevention is not guaranteed to be valid.,High-speed harmony-free is not necessarily effective for all resources!

Note 2.:Non-members have received 8G. / 1024G Offline space.,Can you get it back offline! 访问密码ro5n


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